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Now more than ever millions of people are reaching out to the rest of the world and showcasing themselves. Some videos go viral and reach countless people worldwide, while some just slip under the radar and go unnoticed. So what makes the big difference, after all every video starts at 0 views right? Well truth be told while all videos naturally start at 0 views, most major videos you watch that go viral at one point or another got YouTube views free or purchased some. A major reason people and even major artists do this is to compensate for initial lack of interaction. We are all guilty for watching a video and enjoying but not bothering to log in subscribe or even like. There are many reasons people won’t, at a friend’s, pressed for time who knows, the fact of the matter remains your quality video was seen but not acknowledged. While we can’t force people to log in or interact with your content we CAN make sure your video is being seen, and with the quality content were sure you have. It will only be a matter of time before your video catches on.

Many successful you tubers have divided to get YouTube views free or even buy a large package for their video or channel. This initial influx of traffic is the perfect way to get people to notice your video. Remember every view we provide is form a real viewer, which means it is another opportunity to captivate and retain a viewer. Let’s be honest though people like videos that other people are watching and ignore ones that aren’t. Every day thousands of videos go unwatched by millions because they fell under the popular radar. Don’t let this happen to your video get it the right start it deserves. Start it off right with our free YouTube views and then skyrocket your video with any of our awesome packages.

Do the views I have really matter?

Many people wonder if they should by YouTube views or if the number of view they have will impact their video. Other would contest that natural views show how successful your video really is. The reality of the matter is, while it would be nice to think everyone has the same opportunity to see our video and judge themselves, not very video is displayed equally. On your home page of YouTube you will only see videos related to your interests subscriptions and of course what’s popular. One of THE largest metrics we all use to determine weather we think we will find value in a video, whether we mean to or not, are the total views it has. I guarantee at one point or another you have either accepted or rejected a video based on its views alone. You are not the only one, intact this is a leading cause of videos going unnoticed, and one of the best reasons to jump start your video. We know you have put great effort into you video and it deserves to get noticed, so don’t leave it to chance.

How many viewers do I really need?

While I’m sure we would all like to hit that magic number and become the next E-sensation, it is completely different for every video. Regardless of the type of video or your subject matter, the constant results is a solid viewer base encourages a much larger audience. What is really important is being realistic. If you have poured your heart and soul into your work and want to share it with the world, don’t expect a small handful of views to make you pop up. Understand the scale of your goals and invest properly. Anyone who is successful knows that it takes effort and investment to make it and YouTube fame is no different. Take the right first step today and start with our free views to jumpstart your video. Then take the time to check out our other packages and decide just how big you really want to be. Stop and ask yourself how much you have already invested in terms of time and effort, and recognize how much an investment in your viewers can multiply that.

Another great thing to consider is not just how many people will find your video, but whether or not the major search engine will find you as well. Everyone knows if you want to be found on the internet that search engine results pages are the place to be. The best part is Google and all the major search engines LOVE lots of views, so even if all you do is get YouTube views free you will be on your way to joining the rankings. As was said, there is no magic number, but a solid foundation of views to assure everyone you are worth checking out has brought success time and time again.

Ok I want some free subscribers, so what do I have to do?

At QQTube there is no hidden costs or huge catches to our viewer give away. The only thing we ask in return is for you to become a member with our great site, and to share us with your friends. Start by creating your account with us today and follow the easy steps to become a member. Once you are simply share us with your friends. Simply follow and share us on twitter and Facebook and you will be ready to start promoting your best work with a 500 free views. Best of all everyone you share this opportunity with will be given the same chance to start their YouTube career too. So don’t wait any longer to get recognized, and show the world what you have to offer. With QQtube you can be confident that not only are you getting real views that are safe but also that all of the effort you put into your creations will not fall under the viewers radar.

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