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How To Find A Link On Kick
July 11th, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

A Kick URL is a link that leads to a Kick live stream or Kick profile. You can use a stream URL to share content with friends or family when you start streaming, post on other social media platforms, or embed on a blog post or on your website.


How To Find Your Kick Profile/Channel URL


To share a Kick profile or a specific live stream on Kick, you'll need to share the Kick profile or channel URL. You can do this via the Kick desktop site using the instructions below:


To share a Kick profile/channel via desktop, visit the channel and copy the URL that appears in the URL bar.


Your Kick profile/channel or new stream URL should be in the following format:


How To Find Your Kick Video URL


To share a Kick stream that is no longer live, visit the video page and copy the URL that appears in the URL bar.


Your Kick video URL should be in the following format:



Do I Need To Be The Owner Of The Kick Channel/Profile?


No, you don't need to be the owner of the Kick channel to share the link to a stream or profile.


You don't even need to be logged in! All you need is access to


Accessing the Kick creator dashboard is not necessary to find your URL, since the stream key is not necessary to share content or profiles on social media.


Can I Find A URL On The Kick Mobile App?


No, the instructions in this guide only work on the desktop site. The Kick streaming app currently does not have any way of sharing a stream or profile URL.


While you can view Kick profiles and access stream info from the mobile app, there is no way to copy the exact URL that leads to the specific profile or stream from Android devices or Apple devices.


Can I Share A Video That Is No Longer Streaming?


Yes, you can share a Kick video that is no longer streaming by following the instructions in our Kick video URL section here.

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