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Does Instagram Show Someone If You Viewed Their Profile?
October 2nd, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

The short answer is no - there is no way of knowing who has visited your Instagram profile, even if you have Instagram business accounts.


While there are ways that might imply a profile visit - such as a user following your profile or engaging with your post - these don't necessarily correlate with profile visits as it's possible to engage with a post from the Explore page or feed.


It's also possible to follow an Instagram account without having to visit the page in question, either through a suggested profile post or from the Suggested profile sidebar.


Instagram Interactions That Are Visible


instagram interactions that are visible


While there's no way to see who visited your Instagram profile, there are other interactions that are visible within the Instagram app, including:


Instagram Story Views


When you post Instagram Stories, you can see a list of users who have viewed the posted Story, as well as anyone who has Liked it or voted in a sticker poll.


Story Views do not correlate with Instagram profile visits, as it is possible to view a person's Story from other locations within Instagram or from a Facebook page (since Facebook acquired Instagram).


Post Interactions


When a user likes or comments on one of your posts, you will receive a notification with their username alongside it.


Instagram Followers


You will be able to see who follows your profile via the Followers section on your profile.


If you make your Instagram account private, you will receive a follow request from anyone who would like to follow and view your content.


Instagram Insights


Outside of Instagram Story and Post interactions, Instagram Insights allows users with a business account to track a variety of metrics including:


  • Profile Visits

  • Website Clicks

  • Call Clicks/Text Clicks

  • Email Button Taps

  • Follows

  • Reach

  • Impressions

  • Total Interactions

  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Shares

  • Saves

  • Stories Views

  • Stories Exits

  • Video Views

  • Live Viewers

  • Product Opens

  • Product Bookmark

  • Top Posts by Engagement

  • Top Stories by Reach

  • Top Reels by Views

  • Gender Distribution

  • Age Range

  • Top Locations

  • Follower Hours

  • Follower Days


Keep in mind that even with a professional account, you will not be able to see the specific users tied to many of these metrics, unless otherwise stated.


Are Third Party Apps Reliable?


There are many third party apps out there that claim to be able to provide a list of specific Instagram users who have viewed your personal account on Instagram.


Any third party apps that claim to have this ability are scams and are likely attempting to phish for your personal Instagram account information.


Instagram does not make this data available to any third parties, and any apps claiming to provide this information often provide a list of random Instagram usernames to fool users.

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