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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a selection of our most commonly asked questions to help you get answers fast. Have a question that you don’t see answered here? Reach out to us and our 24/7 customer support team will help!

  1. Can you buy Instagram saves?

    Yes, you can buy Instagram saves, and it's important to choose a reputable service provider like QQTube when you decide to buy Instagram saves.. Purchasing Instagram saves is a common strategy employed by numerous influencers, brands, and regular Instagram users to increase their engagement and visibility on the platform.

  2. Are saves on Instagram public?

    No, saves on Instagram are not public. Instagram has designed this feature to maintain user privacy. When you save a post, the original poster doesn't receive any notification, and they can't see who has saved their posts. This functionality is similar to the like feature, but with an added layer of privacy. From a users perspective, when you spot the bookmark icon on the lower corner of any Instagram photo or video and tap on it, the post is stored to your exclusive 'Saved' area.

  3. Why do people save photos on Instagram?

    People save photos on Instagram for many of reasons. The primary reason is that Instagram serves as a fantastic platform for discovering and sharing creative content. When users come across photos or videos that resonate with them, they often save them for future reference or inspiration. 

    Saving photos on Instagram also allows users to organize their interests or topics they want to revisit later in a systematic way. They can create collections, similar to a Pinterest board, making it easier to find saved posts when needed. For businesses and influencers, saving posts helps them analyze what type of content their audience engages with the most, aiding them in tailoring their future posts.

  4. How many Instagram saves can you have?

    Instagram doesn't impose a specific limit on the number of posts you can save. So, theoretically, you can have as many Instagram saves as you want. However, if you find that certain saved images are no longer available, it could be due to Instagram's guidelines being enforced or possibly because the images got deleted accidentally or without your knowledge. In essence, you haven't hit an imposed limit if some of your saved photos vanish. When you buy Instagram saves, this shouldn't affect the number of images you can keep as saved.

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Did you know Instagram post saves can help your Instagram post content reach the Explore page faster? It's true!


Like any other social media platform, the Instagram algorithm prioritizes Instagram post content that has high levels of engagement - that means the more Instagram likes, views, and post saves your Instagram photo has, the more likely it is to reach the Explore page, appear as suggested content in the newsfeed, and potentially go viral!


So how can you easily increase your Instagram post saves count without stressing over complex analytics? By buying Instagram post saves of course!


In less than five minutes and a couple of clicks, you can buy IG saves and take every Instagram post on your personal or business account to the next level, including photo posts, video posts, Instagram reels and more!


Why buy Instagram post Saves from QQTube?


Not only do we have over a decade of industry experience selling social media services, but we offer 24/7 customer support, secure payment methods, fast delivery time, more engagement for less money, and all the services listed on our site come from real and active profiles - you'll never get fake saves!


Plus, customer safety is our #1 priority - you never need to provide your account password for any Instagram promotion services on our site. All you need to buy Instagram saves is your post link - that's it!


So save yourself time - spend less stress on the platform and post content that matters to your audience!

How can you get started buying Instagram saves?


It's easier than ever to buy Instagram saves cheap - all you need is the link to your Instagram post and you're good to go!


Simply visit the Services & Pricing page to compare Instagram Saves services, select your choice, input your link, and hit SUBMIT! And when you buy Instagram saves you can monitor all purchased services via our all in one customer dashboard for maximum efficiency and customer convenience.

That's just one way QQTube makes buying Instagram saves simpler than ever! And when you buy Instagram saves for your Instagram post, you're not only increasing its chances of reaching the Explore page, you're improving your overall Instagram profile's ranking too.


It's time to buy Instagram post saves and boost your Instagram content and profile faster than ever!


But don't just stop at Instagram saves!


Browse our full selection of services for all major social media platforms to take your Instagram profile to the next level including Instagram followers!


In just a few hours or less, you could start earning completely safe organic saves from real users backed by our money back guarantee. Boost your engagement rate fast with saves from other users on Instagram - always real accounts for real Instagram growth - on our completely secure social media marketplace.


So what are you waiting for? It's time to take your Instagram post content to the next level with Instagram post saves! 

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"likes are not working"

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John Doe

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• 2 Months ago

"likes are not working"

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