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TikTok Account Suspended: Why and How to Recover It
March 2nd, 2024 by Arvee Saren

When you create a TikTok account, you are asked to agree to TikTok's terms and conditions on the account setup page. Most of the time though we skip reading this and just click 'Agree' to finish the signup process quickly. This is why we have no idea that we are already breaking TikTok terms.


This blog will summarize the most common reasons TikTok accounts are suspended.


Reasons for TikTok Account Suspension


  1. Violation of Community Guidelines: TikTok community guidelines are a set of universal norms and standard codes of conduct. These apply to everybody. This includes:


    • Minor safety, dangerous acts, and challenges.

    • Suicide, self-harm, and disordered eating.

    • Adult nudity and sexual activities, bullying and harassment.

    • Hateful behavior, violent extremism, integrity and authenticity.

    • Illegal activities and regulated goods, violent and graphic content.

    • Copyright and trademark infringement, platform security, and issues affecting eligibility for the For You Page​​.


tiktok content


  1. Content Issues: If your post contains the promotion of harmful content like terrorism, violence, drug-related content, hate speech, bullying, child abuse, and sexual content, this can result in account suspension​​.


  1. Platform Misuse: TikTok bans accounts that upload videos they consider harmful even if it's not intended.


  1. Copyright Violations: Using copyrighted video or music, especially during live sessions, can lead to temporary suspension​​.


You will know that your account has been suspended when you receive an email from TikTok or have a banner notification that says "your account has been suspended".


Additionally, if you have a TikTok ad account, it will also be suspended and all ads will be stopped. They will go back to their original status once the suspension has been lifted. The ad account admin can still change the delivery status of ads, ad groups and campaigns, but won't be able to adjust any other account or campaign-related settings.


Duration of Suspension


  • The duration of suspension can vary from a day to a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the violation​​. For TikTok accounts with multiple violations, they will most likely be permanently banned.


  • Temporary suspensions are common and can last up to 24 hours or extend to a week for more severe offenses. During this period, you cannot go live.


Recovery Steps


Appeal the Suspension


You can appeal directly through TikTok by filling out a form or via the “Share your feedback” option to explain your situation and request reinstatement​​. You have two options:


Option 1: Raise a ticket to Customer Support.


  1. Log in to your TikTok Ads Manager account.


  1. Click the Question Mark on the navigation menu and select Customer Support.


  1. Click Contact Us, then click Account Review and Appeals as the issue category.


  1. Choose Suspended Ads Manager Appeal.


  1. Fill in the required details including, Ticket Title and Details.


  1. Click Submit.


Note: You will receive a response within 2 business days after submitting your appeal.


Option 2: Raise a ticket through your Account Info.


  1. Click your Avatar on TikTok Ads Manager.


  1. Select Account Info.


  1. Go to Account Setup and click Appeal.


  1. To create a support ticket, you can either do the Account Verification process or raise a ticket via Account Review & Appeals. Just follow the instructions as stated.


Note: You have 180 days to submit an appeal after your account has been suspended. After that, a suspended account will not be reviewed. Also, TikTok does not recommend that you create new ad accounts while you are appealing your suspension as this can impact the review process and your account status.


Report a Problem


Navigate through the app’s settings to report a problem or use the direct email approach to contact TikTok support with your appeal​​. You can send an email to the following:



Community Support


Informing your followers about the suspension and asking for their support in contacting TikTok may also help in getting your account restored​​.


Check for Updates and Clear Cache


If the issue is technical, ensuring you have the latest version of the app and clearing cache can help resolve app-related issues​​.


Avoid Violations


The best strategy to prevent suspension is to adhere strictly to TikTok’s community guidelines​​.


It is important to remember that the outcome of these recovery steps can vary, and there is no guarantee of reinstatement, especially if the violation is deemed severe by TikTok’s standards. Always review and follow TikTok’s community guidelines to minimize the risk of account suspension.

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