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Why Are My Friend's Posts Not Visible On Facebook?
July 1st, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

Not able to see the timelines of your Facebook friends? Here's why someone's Facebook timeline or Facebook posts might not be visible.


The Facebook Algorithm


The simplest cause of low post visibility is Facebook's algorithm. Even if someone is on your friend list, you might be unable to see their content at the top of your newsfeed as it might be drowned out by top stories.


The best way to avoid missing friends public posts is to add these friends to your Favorites list, ensure that you're following that friend's profile, and clean up your news feed preferences to ensure that you're only seeing content from people and pages that you follow.


How To Add A Friend To Favorites


Accessing Facebook Favorites is possible through your feed settings.


From the left hand menu on your newsfeed, click Feeds.


facebook feeds menu


Click Favorites.


facebook favorites menu


Click the Manage Favorites setting option on the top right corner near your profile picture.


facebook manage favorites


Click Favorites to view your friends list. You can search for specific friends using the search bar.


facebook favorites option

facebook search favorites


Click the star to the right of each friend to add them to your Favorites list.


Privacy Settings


If you're not seeing a friend's post on their own page, it's possible that they have added you to their restricted list or they've set their post visibility to Only Me, meaning that no one but them can see their new post.


Unfortunately there's no way around this, unless you access Facebook from another account that isn't restricted by that specific friend.


Friends Lists


Did you know you can add friends to a custom list to ensure that only that friend may view your latest posts- all other friends or users will be blocked from viewing or sharing posts when the visibility is set to Close Friends.


Temporary Account Issues


Technical issues can be other possible explanations for not seeing your friend's posts in your feed. There are several reasons including issues with Facebook's servers, bugs on the desktop platform or app, and other glitches.


You can always check the Facebook status on Downdetector, uninstall and reinstall your app, and try the platform from another browser or device to see if your Facebook issue persists.


Unfollowing Or Being Restricted


If you continue to experience the same problem, and aren't seeing random posts, double check that you haven't unfollowed the friend in question.


If you're still following them and have tried all of the above troubleshooting steps, it's possible that you've been restricted in some way by the friend in question.

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