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I Can’t Follow Anyone On TikTok: 2024 Quick Fix
October 23rd, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

TikTok not allowing you to follow other users?


While it's possible that the app may be glitching, there are also several other common reasons why you might be unable to follow people on TikTok.


Today we'll guide you through a few simple troubleshooting steps.


You've Reached TikTok's Daily Follow Limit


tiktok daily follow limit


TikTok's daily follow limit is 200 users. If you've attempted to follow more than 200 users, or if you've followed too many TikTok users in rapid succession, TikTok may limit you from following any more to prevent spammy behavior within the TikTok algorithm.


Following and quickly unfollowing users can also result in a follow limit.


In this case, all you can do is wait until the next day and your following limit will be reset.


NOTE: If you've attempted to follow a private account, you will have to wait until the user accepts your request before the follow appears on your profile.


You May Have Reached Your Total Follow Limit


Did you know that there's a limit to how many users you can follow on TikTok overall? While this has yet to be officially verified, many users claim that the maximum number of follows is 10,000. If you've reached this limit and find yourself unable to follow additional accounts, this could be the issue.


Your Account Is New Or Unverified


verify account icon


If you have a brand new account, or you have yet to verify your account, you may be limited in the number of users you can follow.


The solution here is to complete the verification steps on your account, or wait until your account is no longer considered 'new'. Then you should be able to follow users without issue (but within the 200 daily limit).


You've Violated TikTok's Community Guidelines


If you've violated TikTok's terms repeatedly, you may have had restrictions or limits placed on your account. This could include the ability to follow someone on TikTok.


If you believe that your account was limited in error, contact TikTok Support team for additional assistance.


Potential Technical Issues


tiktok technical issues


If none of the above applies to your account, it's possible that there are technical issues that are affecting the TikTok app or web version.


Check The TikTok Server Status


The first thing to do is check DownDetector's TikTok server status


If there are no reported issues with TikTok servers, continue on to the next steps.


Update TikTok


If you're using the mobile app, a quick update might fix TikTok. Alternatively, clearing TikTok cache can help to improve app performance.


If you're on the TikTok website, try updating your browser or restarting it.


Internet Connection & Device Issues


Finally, check your internet connection for any issues with a SpeedTest.


If your internet connection is fine, try testing the performance of the TikTok platform between devices - if it works on one device but not the other, the issue may be with your phone or PC.

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