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How To Add Music To A Facebook Profile: 2024 Guide
March 1st, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

Not seeing the music option when trying to create a Facebook post? It's likely due to one of the following reasons:


Your Device


Currently the Music feature in the post creator is only available on the Facebook mobile app, not your web Facebook account. This includes Android and iPhone Facebook applications.


You should see the Music icon in orange when you scroll down:


facebook music option


Feature Availability In Your Region


Some regions might not have access to the Music feature on the Facebook post creator. If you're not seeing it even on mobile, this could be why.


Outdated App


Your app might be out of date, or you may need to clear Facebook cache in order to see the latest features.


You're Using A Business Account


You can only add music to Facebook profiles, not business accounts or business pages. If you're having trouble adding music, double check that you're not mistakenly logged into your Facebook page.


Once you're signed into your Facebook profile adding music should be available.


How To Add Music To A Facebook Post


You can add music to your Facebook profile page by first creating a Music profile status.


On mobile, tap the Create Post form to open the media options.


Scroll down and tap the add Music feature.


facebook music option


From the music tab, search or scroll to find the song you wish to post. Keep in mind that the songs may be limited to the Facebook music catalog, so if you don't see your favorite song that might be why.


Tap the song of your choice. From here you can choose to add a caption.


facebook music post


Tap Post.


facebook post music


How To Pin Music To Your Feed Page


You can pin your favorite songs to the top of your profile, where they will appear beneath your profile picture and bio section.


Pinning songs is simple. First, post a song.


Then, from your profile feed tap the three dots on the top right of your music post.


facebook post menu


Choose Pin Post.


facebook pin post


Your song will now be pinned to the top of your profile page and any visitors to your page will see the song before your other posts.

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