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What Happens If I Delete The Instagram App?
February 2nd, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

Curious about what happens when you delete Instagram from your phone? We've got all the answers...


Does Uninstalling Instagram Delete Your Account?


No, when you uninstall the Instagram app your account remains intact. The only way to permanently delete your Instagram account is by visiting the Instagram Delete Account page while logged in, which will then prompt several confirmations before the deletion is completed.


When you reinstall Instagram you will still have all your data, direct messages, and more.

Here's what happens to each element of your Instagram account when you uninstall the app...


Published Posts & Instagram Stories


Deleting the Instagram app will not affect any published posts or Instagram stories. All posts will stay on your profile for your followers to view, and Stories you've posted before deleting Instagram will stay up for 24 hours as usual.


Post Drafts


instagram post drafts


Unfortunately any post drafts you have will be permanently deleted when you uninstall the app from your device.


To prevent loss, either publish your drafted posts or save the image to your phone before deleting the Instagram app.


Followers & Following


Uninstalling the Instagram app won't affect profile visibility, and users can still follow/unfollow.

If you'd rather not receive new followers while you have the app uninstalled, consider setting your profile to private so that any new followers must send a request before accessing your Instagram profile.


Archive & Highlights


Just like regular posts, your archived posts and Story highlights won't be affected by deleting the Instagram app. When you reinstall the app you'll still be able to see them on your profile - or you can access them from the Instagram desktop site.


Saved Posts


Good news - all those recipes you saved are safe! Saved posts can be accessed from your account either by visiting the Instagram website via desktop or reinstalling the app.




Your direct messages are also safe - but keep in mind that you won't receive notifications about DMs unless you have the app installed so any important messages could go missed unless you're checking your inbox for new messages via the desktop site.


Tags, Likes, and Comments


You can still be tagged in posts and stories, and any interactions you've made (including likes and comments) will still be there when you reinstall Instagram. If you don't want other users tagging you, consider updating your privacy settings before uninstalling.


Frequently Asked Questions


instagram uninstall app


Will I get notifications if I uninstall Instagram?

No, you won't receive notifications on your device without the Instagram app being installed with notification permissions granted. Instagram and other social media platforms don't have the ability to send notifications unless they are physically installed on your mobile device.

What gets stored on Instagram's servers?

Instagram keeps your message history, followers and following lists, post data, and engagement data. However, if you opt to permanently delete any Instagram accounts some or all of this data may no longer be stored on Instagram's servers. Disabling or uninstalling the app is much less permanent. Many Instagram users only opt for account deletion as a last resort or for data privacy purposes.


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