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How To Tell If You’ve Been Blocked On Facebook
February 15th, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

Not sure if someone blocked you on Facebook? You can determine whether or not a profile page has been deactivated, or has blocked you by following the steps below.


Search For Their Facebook Profile


facebook profile page


The most straightforward method for determining whether or not someone blocked you on Facebook is to search for the person's profile.


Did They Deactivate?


Users who have deactivated may still appear in search results, in friend lists without a profile picture, and you will still be able to view their past comments in your Facebook feed.


If you're not seeing any engagement from them at all, and they don't appear in the friends list of a mutual friend, they may have blocked you.


Try To Access Their Profile Directly


facebook profile page unavailable blocked


If you have the URL link to the person's profile, try visiting it directly. if you receive an error message saying that the profile is "unavailable", they may have blocked you.


Try To Tag Them


Facebook usually suggests names as you tag people, so if you're not seeing them in the autofill when tagging a user, they may have blocked you.


Use The Facebook Messenger App


facebook messenger mobile


You can use the Facebook messenger app to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook by using a few different methods from either the Facebook app or Messenger site.


Check Previous Chats


If you've messaged someone before, try accessing their profile through your chat history using the drop down menu that appears when you tap their profile photo.


Blocked accounts won't load, and may result in a red error message when you try to message them.


Message Indicators & Errors


facebook messenger error


If messages to that person's account just aren't going through, or you don't have the ability to message them at all, your Facebook account may have been blocked.


Group Chats


If you can't add someone to a group chat, or if their profile no longer appears in an existing group chat, you may have been blocked.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still see deactivated accounts using the search bar on Facebook?

Deactivated accounts will disappear from search, but a deactivated profile appears in any previously engaged content - for example, if the user commented on a post you will still see their comments if they've deactivated their account.


Can you be blocked by a Facebook page?

Yes, a Facebook business page has the ability to block specific people just like a profile page does. If you've been blocked by a Facebook page, you won't see its content in your Facebook feed and you won't be able to access it via the search bar.


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