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How To See The Exact Date You Joined Facebook: Mobile Guide
February 19th, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

Want to find out your exact Facebook account creation date? You can access your Facebook join date from the Facebook settings on the mobile app or desktop website.


Using The Facebook Mobile App


Open the Facebook app on iOs or Android.


Tap on the three horizontal lines to open your Facebook account menu.


Tap Settings & Privacy > Settings.


facebook mobile settings and privacy


Scroll down to Your Activity and Permissions and tap Access Your Information.


facebook access your information


Tap Personal Information.


facebook personal information


From here you'll be able to see the exact date you created your account.


facebook account creation date


Using The Facebook Website


Open Facebook and log in to your account.


Click your profile picture on the top right corner to access the settings menu.


Click Settings & Privacy > Settings.


facebook settings and privacy


On the left sidebar, scroll down to Your Information.


facebook access your information


Click Confirm to be directed to the Accounts Center.


facebook accounts center


From here you will be able to access your Facebook information tab including your activity log.


Scroll down and click Personal Information.


facebook personal information


From here you will be able to see when you joined Facebook.


facebook account creation date


Alternative Methods


If you're unable to access the account creation date section using the steps above, you can also find out the exact account creation date using any of the alternative methods below.


Check Your Inbox


Search your email inbox for your Facebook registration confirmation or welcome email - this will be the date that you created your account.


Find Your First Post


Scroll through your timeline or activity log to see when your first post was published. The earliest date of account activity will likely be close to when you created your account.


Use The Search Bar


In the app or desktop website, use the search bar to search "access your information". Click the Access Your Information banner at the top and follow the steps outlined here to find your account creation date.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you see the Facebook account creation date of another person?

The only way to see when someone else joined Facebook is by scrolling to the bottom of their timeline to see the date of their first post. Alternatively you can view their personal milestones from the About section of their profile page.


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