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Remove Yourself As Admin On A Facebook Page: How To 2024
February 28th, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

To remove yourself as a Facebook page admin, first log into the personal account attached to the page you wish to rescind admin access for via the desktop website using your usual Facebook password.


NOTE: If you want to manage admin roles from the Facebook app you will need to download the Meta Business Suite app.


Switch Into Your Page Roles


You'll then have to switch profiles into the page you wish to manage. There are two methods for achieving this.


Via The Page


Navigate to the page.


On the left side page settings menu you will have the option to switch profiles to access the admin page. 


Click Switch.


switch facebook page profile


Via Your Profile Menu


Click your profile picture on the top right corner.


Click See All Profiles.


facebook see all profiles


Select the profile you wish to manage.


facebook select profile


The Removal Process


Once you're logged into the page you want to adjust, click your profile picture on the upper righthand corner.


Click Settings and Privacy > Settings.


facebook page settings and privacy

facebook page settings and privacy


Click New Pages Experience to open the admin roles window.


facebook new pages experience


Beneath People With Facebook Access you will see a list of existing page roles, including users who have been assigned the admin role.


To remove yourself or other admins, click the three dots to the right of the user and select Remove access.


facebook remove admin

remove access facebook


NOTE: Only manager accounts will be able to remove other current admins. Depending on your admin permissions, you might not be able to remove another user.


If you manage several Facebook pages you can repeat the above steps. The entire removal process takes less than two minutes.


Keep In Mind


  • Removing yourself as an admin will stop Facebook notifying you of any page updates.


  • Once you have removed admin status, you will not have edit page permissions, and will not be able to access page settings.

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