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How To Make Big Text On Discord 2024 Desktop & Mobile
March 5th, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

Want to make your Discord messages stand out with custom text? Learn the basics of Discord markup language & text formatting to make big text, bold text, and more.


The following instructions apply to both the web version and Discord app.


Big Text: Headers


Making big text is possible by creating headings.


You can create big, medium, and small headings by using the hashtag symbol (#) followed by a space and then your text.


Use one # for a big header.


Use two ## for a medium header.


Use three ### for a small header.


You can see an example of each below:


discord header markupdiscord header examples


NOTE: You will not be able to mix each font size on the same line. You will need to start a new line in order to create additional chat font scaling.


Text Formatting: Bold, Italics, Underline & More


You can create bold text, italicized text, bold italicized text, underlined text, strikethrough text, and other combinations in Discord by formatting your text as below:


Bold Text


To make your text bold, add two asterisks to either side of the normal text, like so:




Italicized Text


To italicized your entire text, you can either add a single asterisk to either side of the direct message, or an underscore, like so:






Underlined Text


Creating underlined text involves adding two underscores to either side of the text, like so:




Strikethrough Text


You can create text with a strikethrough by adding two tildes to either side of the text:




Formatting Combinations


You can combine the formatting options above to create additional combinations:


Add three asterisks for bold italic text: ***bold italics***


Two underscores and an asterisk for underlined italics: __*underline italics*__


Two underscores and two asterisks for underlined bold: __**underline bold**__


Two underscores and three asterisks for underlined bold italics: __**underline bold italics***__


And so on...



You can make clickable links by using brackets and parentheses, for example:


[Display text](




If you want to share detailed instructions, it's possible to create a bulleted list by preceding each line of text with either an asterisk(*) or a dash (-). Be sure to add a space before your text, otherwise it won't work:


discord list


To indent a bullet, add a space before the asterisk or dash, plus another space after it:


discord list 2


Code Blocks


You can create blocks of code by adding backticks (`) to either side of your text:


discord code line


For multi-line blocks of code, add three backticks(```) to either side:


discord code block


Block Quotes


To format a block quote, add (>) before the text.


To create a block quote with multiple lines, add (>>>) before the first line.


Additional Considerations


  • While it is possible to change the text color in a code block, it requires more advanced user settings than just simple markdown language and may not be ideal for all users.


  • Keep in mind that the ability to send bigger text may not be available to all Discord servers at the moment. If you're unable to use headers it may be due to your Discord server permissions.

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