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How To Grow On Twitch Fast & Easy 2024 Guide
December 20th, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

The methods you undertake to build your Twitch following are fundamentally the same whether you're playing multiplayer online games, playing niche games, streaming music, watching movies, or just want to create entertaining content of another sort.


The core methods for gaining new viewers and keeping your audience engaged are:


  • Create quality content

  • Engage with your viewers during streams

  • Cross-platform promotion

  • Invest in Twitch followers & other metrics


Let's take a look at each element in detail below...


Creating Quality Twitch Content


twitch streaming microphone


Your first method to increasing your potential viewers is to contribute valuable content to the Twitch platform. Whether you're playing games or featuring another type of content, making sure that it's high quality content and that you stream regularly on a consistent schedule.


Another thing to take into consideration is your ideal Twitch audience. While it can be tempting to attract viewers by streaming popular games, the most successful streamers avoid over saturated games and opt to play games that may be less well-known. This will help you reach a niche audience of Twitch users that will be more likely to appreciate your content and engage with your stream.


When you first start out, the most important thing is your streaming schedule. Stream consistently and consider posting on multiple platforms simultaneously using an online streaming service like StreamYard.


Once you feel confident, consider investing in high quality streaming equipment such as a better camera or microphone as well as streaming software to suit your needs. You can also improve the quality of your surroundings to make your stream more visually appealing, unless you're using a stream overlay.


Making your streams engaging and convenient for your viewers is a great way to stand out from other streamers. One way is to upload creative stream highlights so that new viewers can refer back to past streams and easily access the best parts. You can learn how to create highlights here .


Engaging With The Twitch Community


twitch community mobile


Engaging your your target audience is the most important method for growing your following. That means giving viewer shoutouts while live, responding to the chat, hosting giveaways and even doing live Q&A sesssions.


If you're a solo streamer it can be tough to balance engagement with streaming, so consider using a moderation bot like Nightbot to help keep your livechat organized while you focus on creating content!


Cross-Platform Promotion


social media platforms


The best Twitch channels also make sure to share their streams across their other social media accounts for maximum exposure. Other social media platforms include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even Twitter!


You can either opt for streaming games between platforms simultaneously, or share highlights or stream snippets a few minutes long across different platforms to encourage your followers to join in on the fun.


Buy Twitch Followers


Here's a tip you might not have heard before - buy Twitch followers and Twitch livestream viewers to help build a foundation of engagement on your Twitch channels that can bring in more viewers!


When you invest in Twitch followers, viewers who visit your channel and see that there's already a community surrounding your content are more likely to stick around and engage with your stream than they would be if they saw 0 followers and a dead chat.


Even the most successful Twitch streamers invest in followers and livestream viewers because they know that maintaining steady engagement levels is the key to long-term success.


You can get started by browsing a selection of top high quality Twitch followers services on our Services & Pricing page here!

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