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How To Deafen On Discord Mobile: Mute Yourself & Others
March 11th, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

Need a break on Discord? Learn how to deafen or mute either your own user profile, or someone else in your Discord server.


Deafening Yourself: Mobile Device


You can access the deafening feature on Discord mobile by following the steps below.


Open Discord.


Join a voice channel.


Swipe up from the bottom.


discord voice channel


Tap Deafen.


discord deafen option


Enabling the deafen feature will mute all sound for you, so you won't hear anyone else.


Deafening Yourself: Desktop


You can deafen yourself on the Discord desktop app or site by following the same steps as on mobile.


Open Discord.


Join a voice channel.


At the bottom of your screen in the left corner, tap the headphone icon.


discord deafen desktop


You should see a headphone icon with a line through it appear to the right of your name in the voice channel to indicate that you've been deafened.


Deafening Others (Admin Only)


If you have administrative rights in the server, navigate to the voice channel where the member you want to deafen is located.


Either enter the chat and tap the chat channel name, or tap the people icon to see the list of members in the voice channel.


discord deafen others voice chat


Tap the member you wish to deafen.


discord voice chat members


Choose Server Deafen.


discord server deafen mobile


They will no longer be able to hear other activities in the voice channel.


Deafen vs Mute on Discord


Deafening yourself in voice channels means you won't be able to hear others - and you're speaking they won't hear you either. If you're the admin of a voice conversation, you have access to Discord mobile deafening for other users.


Muting yourself means other users can't hear you, but you can hear them. This can be useful if you're taking a snack break and don't want others to hear you! If you're a server administrator you can mute other users in voice conversations.


Server administrators can deafen and mute other members in voice chats via both desktop and mobile devices.

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