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How To Check Your YouTube Inbox & Send Messages On Android
September 5th, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

Want to know how to check YouTube messages on Android? While YouTube no longer offers a private messages feature or an inbox, users can still interact via comments and creators can use the notifications box to keep up to date with their latest interactions.


Today we'll show you how to check your YouTube account notifications from your Android mobile device, how to easily respond to comments and mentions, and explore a few alternatives to YouTube messaging.


Let's get started!


Table of Contents:


How To Check Notifications


how to check youtube notifications


YouTube's notifications section gathers all interactions in one place. To access notifications on Android, follow the steps below:


  1. Open the YouTube app.

  2. Tap the bell icon on the top-right corner.


You'll now be able to see all your recent activity in reverse chronological order, with a timestamp beneath each one. Activity types include uploads from your favorite creators, as well as comment replies, likes, and mentions.


Click the Gear icon on the top right to update your Notification settings.


Responding To Comments & Mentions


how to respond to comments youtube


If you've received a comment notification, you can respond directly via the notification panel.

Here's how:


  1. Tap on the comment notification.

  2. This will direct you to the exact comment on your video.

  3. Tap the Reply option to type and post your response.


To directly mention another user, use the @ symbol followed by their username.


Managing Your Comment Section


There are a few things you can do in your comment section to foster a strong sense of community, including:


  • Set comment filters to prevent spam or harmful content

  • Pin your favorite comments to encourage engagement.

  • Engage with relevant comments via likes or replies.


Don't be afraid to delete messages that are harmful or negative if they make it past the comment filters. A positive environment is key to increasing overall engagement.


Accessing YouTube Studio On Android


YouTube Studio allows creators to access a variety of tools and channel management settings. Here's how to access your comments via YouTube Studio on Android.


  1. Open the YouTube Studio app from the Play Store.

  2. Tap the Comments section to manage comments.


Alternatives To YouTube Messaging


Now that there is no personal YouTube inbox, many creators have opted to utilize messaging platforms outside of YouTube, including email and social media.


One popular option is Discord, which allows creators to build a focused community around their channel. Moderation is easy and Discord servers can be personalized for a variety of needs.

If you find that your community has outgrown the comments section, consider creating a dedicated Discord server for your channel!


Frequently Asked Questions


frequently asked questions


Why was YouTube’s private messaging feature removed?


YouTube decided to focus on comments and the Community Tab in favor of streamlining its features. Currently there is no way to directly send private messages within YouTube.


How can I increase my comment engagement?


The short answer: engage with commenters regularly, host Q&A sessions, and ask viewers for feedback, suggestions, or stories within your video content. You can also buy comment engagement to help encourage organic growth.


How do I report inappropriate or harmful messages on YouTube?


Tap or click on the three stacked dots next to the comment in question and click Report. You'll be given several options depending on the nature of the comment. Follow the prompts to submit your report.


Can viewers still directly message creators?


Currently there is no way to send YouTube private messages to other YouTube users, but you can reach out to a creator via their video comments, through the community tab, or through any alternative methods provided on the user's YouTube channel such as email or social media.


How can I ensure I don’t miss important notifications?


Double check your Notification settings to ensure that the most important inbox messages are being prioritized. You can also turn off irrelevant notifications and customize your preferences based on your needs.


Be sure to regularly check the Notifications tab so you don't miss out on comment notifications and can quickly reply to your viewers.

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