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Add Music To Instagram Story: How To Guide 2024
December 28th, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

Want to add your original music to your Instagram Stories or Reels? Today we'll guide you through the steps required to prepare, upload, and incorporate your own unique tracks to the Instagram app.


Preparing Your Music For Instagram


instagram musixmatch


Before you start playing your music on Instagram, make sure that you've uploaded your song lyrics to Musixmatch.


Musixmatch is the catalog that both Instagram and Facebook retrieve their lyrics from, so becoming a verified artist and completing your lyric library is a great way to get your tracks out there.


How To Add Your Lyrics To Musixmatch


  • Become a Verified Artist

  • Download the desktop app

  • Sign in

  • Connect your preferred streaming service

  • Play music from the Spotify app or Apple Music

  • Add lyrics 

  • Review and edit

  • Sync


Adding Your Music To Instagram


Once your tracks are set up, it's time to make them accessible on Instagram! You can do this by uploading your music to the music streaming app of your choice - this could be Spotify, Apple Music, or the Soundcloud app.


Then from the music streaming app, tap the share icon and share your track to Instagram.


instagram share spotify


You'll be able to share the cover art image to your Story along with your artist name and song title.


instagram share song to story


However, keep in mind that these methods only allow you to share the track image to your Story, but this method will not result in music playing during your Story or Reel.


How To Incorporate Music Into Instagram Stories


To add music to an Instagram Story (or a Reel), tap the Story Icon and upload an image or video of your choice from your camera roll.


Tap the music icon from the top menu....


instagram music sticker


OR swipe up and select the music sticker icon.


instagram music sticker


From here, type in the song title of your choice.


instagram search song


You can move the sticker around on your camera screen to place it, or tap the sticker to change its layout.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I access certain tracks from my Instagram Business account?

If you're unable to access the full royalty free song library or can't find a specific song, switch to a Creator account. Business accounts have limited access to many artists on Instagram.

Is adding music manually in a video allowed on Instagram?

If you can't find the song of your choice in the Story sticker pop up menu, another option is to add music directly to your content before uploading it. However, be sure to double check the copyright guidelines for the track in question, especially in relation to your location and the type of Instagram account you have (Personal, Creator, or Business)


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