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How Many Shorts Should You Post On YouTube In One Day?
July 18th, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

Posting YouTube Shorts at least 3 times a week is the best method for maximizing the potential of your short videos.


While you could post one YouTube Short per day, it might not be sustainable in the long run, and consistency plays a crucial role in YouTube's Shorts algorithm.


The good news is, you don't have to make brand new content each time.


You can use the same video edited strategically from your long form videos in order to create your latest Short video. Get creative and use your Shorts as sneak previews for longer videos, or behind the scenes peaks into YouTube channels.


The key is to make them visually appealing, just like your regular videos, and emphasis editing tricks to make them stand out further.


While 3 times a week is a general rule of thumb, every channel is unique and your ideal posting schedule could be different. Read on to learn about the impact of posting frequency, how the YouTube shorts algorithm works, and more to help you make the right choice for your YouTube channel.


Factors To Consider


youtube shorts how often should i post


Before we look into the technical aspects of posting frequency, it's important to consider the unique aspects of both your own channel and audience as well as your available time and resources.


These factors can help you find the right balance between engaging your audience, managing your available time and resources, and maintaining a high level of quality in your content.


Audience Preferences & Behavior


Consider the habits and preferences of your target audience. Based on past content, do you find that they are more likely to engage with frequent uploads or prefer less frequent, but higher-quality content?


Don't be afraid to ask them outright! You can use the Community tab to create polls and hone your content based on direct feedback.


Available Time & Resources For Content Creation


Posting frequency should also be determined by your available time and resources.


Creating high-quality YouTube Shorts requires time for every step of the creation process, including filming, scripting, and editing.


Consider how much time you can realistically dedicate to content creation along with the resources you'll need to complete this.


Balancing Quality & Quantity


While it may be tempting to post multiple Shorts every day, it's important to maintain a high standard of quality. Aim for a posting frequency that allows you to deliver valuable, engaging content to your audience without sacrificing quality.


One reliable post a week is better than a wave of posts and then no uploads for months!


Understanding The YouTube Shorts Algorithm


youtube shorts algorithm how does it work


The Shorts algorithm specifically determines which Shorts are shown to viewers, so it's important to understand how it works on a basic level.


The Algorithm's Role in Content Discovery


The YouTube Shorts algorithm analyzes various factors such as engagement, watch time, and viewer behavior to determine the relevance and appeal of Shorts.


Factors like catchy thumbnails, compelling titles, and engaging intros can help increase the chances of your Shorts being surfaced to a wider audience.


Regularly posting Shorts can signal to the algorithm that you are an active creator, increasing your chances of being recommended to viewers.


Finding Your Ideal Posting Frequency


when to post on youtube


The ideal posting frequency for your specific channel may be different from what works for everyone else. By conducting audience surveys, analyzing data, and iteratively refining your strategy, you can find the optimal balance for your content.


Collecting Feedback


Engaging with your audience directly through surveys and feedback can provide valuable insights into their preferences. Use the Community tab or create a social media poll to determine how often your viewers tune in for new content, and if they'd prefer shorter, more frequently posted content or longer, less frequently posted content.


Understanding their expectations will help you align your posting frequency with their preferences, increasing engagement and satisfaction.


Analyzing Audience Retention


Using your YouTube analytics, examine which posting frequencies correlate with higher engagement and longer watch times.


Identify patterns and trends to determine the posting frequency that maximizes audience retention and overall viewer satisfaction.


Experimenting with Posting Frequency


youtube posting schedule


Now that you have your analytics information handy, it's time to adjust your posting schedule to see what the best balance is for your specific channel. Here's how you can get started:


Create A Foundation Schedule


Begin by establishing a baseline posting schedule that you believe is reasonable and manageable. This will serve as the starting point for your experiments. Consistency is key during this phase, as it allows you to establish a baseline for measuring audience response and engagement.


Assess Engagement


Monitor the audience response and engagement metrics for each posting frequency you experiment with.


Track metrics such as:

  • views

  • likes

  • comments

  • subscriber growth.


Gradually Adjust


Based on the insights gained from audience response and engagement metrics, gradually adjust your posting frequency.


If you observe positive results from increased frequency, consider posting more frequently.

Conversely, if engagement decreases or becomes unsustainable, scale back your frequency.


Other Considerations For YouTube Shorts


While determining the ideal posting frequency for your YouTube Shorts is important, there are a few other things to keep in mind. These factors can further enhance the success and impact of your Shorts content:


Consistency Across Platforms (And Content Types)


If you have a presence on other social media platforms, align your Shorts posting frequency with your overall content strategy. Consistency helps build a recognizable brand and fosters a loyal audience across various platforms.


Ensure that your Shorts complement your other content types, maintaining a cohesive and unified brand image.


Incorporating Variety


Experiment with different formats, styles, and themes to keep your audience engaged and interested. Explore various storytelling techniques, visual aesthetics, and subject matters to offer a fresh and diverse viewing experience.


Adapting To Trends


Keep an eye on trends and timely topics within your niche or industry. Incorporate these trends into your Shorts content to capitalize on the current interests and preferences of your audience.

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