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How Long Instagram Stories Last + How To Add Highlights
December 13th, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

Instagram Stories are 15 second bite sized videos that remain on your profile for 24 hours before disappearing. However, you can set Stories as Highlights to keep them on your profile forever.


To do this, first publish an Instagram Story to your profile via the Instagram app either by selecting media from your camera roll or by creating content within the app. The content must not be longer than 15 seconds - the only exception to this is live videos.


Add A New Story To Highlights


Before you finalize posting your story, you can tap Add To Highlights to instantly add the story to the Highlights section on your profile page.


instagram story add to highlight


Add An Old Story To Highlights


If you'd rather add previously posted Story content to your highlights, you can do so by visiting your profile and either creating a new highlight, or holding down on an existing highlight and tapping Edit Highlight.


instagram edit highlight


Your current selected Story posts will appear under the Selected tab. To add new content tap the Stories tab.


instagram add stories


From here, you can select any previously published Stories from your archive, including video content.


Can I Post Longer Instagram Videos?


instagram video


While other social media platforms have increased their Story or Shorts video limit, Instagram Stories cannot be longer than 15 seconds.


If you want to create Instagram Stories longer than 15 seconds long, it's recommended to post longer videos as standalone Instagram posts or Instagram Reels. Using this feature you can publish video clips of different lengths without the 15 second limit of story videos.

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