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Getting Started With Mixcloud
February 23rd, 2022 by Terri Pinyerd

With just 10 million monthly active users a month, Mixcloud may not seem like an industry giant compared to the likes of Spotify and Soundcloud, but make no mistake - Mixcloud is one of the internet’s key audio streaming platforms.


Thanks to fewer copyright restrictions and ease of cross platform promotion, Mixcloud is a great place for aspiring DJs or anyone working towards a career in the music industry.

If you create audio content - music, podcasts, radio shows, and more - then building a strong presence on Mixcloud is a must!

If you’re not familiar with Mixcloud, or any other audio streaming service, getting started can be a bit tricky. Much like any other content hosting or social media platform, Mixcloud has a distinct set of unspoken rules and an algorithm to beat.

But with a few key tips and industry secrets under your belt, you’re sure to take advantage of everything Mixcloud has to offer without breaking a sweat.


Building A Strong Mixcloud Profile


Mixcloud how to upload


At a glance, a Mixcloud profile combines features from YouTube, Twitter, and Soundcloud to provide users with an immersive audio experience. As with any social media platform, creating a strong profile is key to success. After all, your profile is a user’s first impression of who you are aside from interacting with your content outright.


For any music creator, building a strong Mixcloud profile is key to success and a chance at one day going viral.


Here are a few key elements to consider:


First, as with any social media profile, a relevant, eye-catching, and flattering profile picture is a must. Chances are you’re on Mixcloud to promote your professional music brand, so why not take it to the next level with a professional photo?


Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire an expensive photographer to get results. With a smartphone and a few key tips, you can take a stunning profile picture, even without someone snapping it for you! Here’s a great tutorial to help you get started:


Choose an image that reflects your musical personality the most, while still maintaining your unique style and you can’t go wrong! If you’re camera shy, why not opt for a logo or an image that otherwise represents your brand values? The sky is the limit, just be sure to stay true to your personality and goals - authenticity is key.

Similarly, your cover photo should reflect your personality and your brand - but with a twist. Your cover photo is a great way to advertise any news or social media platforms that you’d like your followers to be aware of.


After all, it’s the first thing they’ll see when they visit your profile, so why not make the most of that valuable digital real estate?


Using an online tool like Canva is a great way to build an aesthetically pleasing cover photo while including important information. And if anything changes, you can always return to your Canva template and make the necessary adjustments.


Be sure to also link your social media profiles to your Mixcloud profile, even if you’ve already included them in your cover photo. Having a direct link to your outside profiles will allow users to discover your content across platforms, and will increase your following in the process! If you have too many platforms or websites to list, using a service like LinkTree or LinkinBio is a great alternative.

Setting a location tag is also a good idea. However, don’t be afraid to get specific. If you’re from a small town, represent it! Don’t just choose the nearest capital city in the hopes that you’ll appear more professional.


Oftentimes profiles can drown in a sea of content simply because they choose a location tag that is already filled with competition. Keep internet safety in mind, and be sure to avoid getting too specific - especially if you’ve opted to show your face in your profile picture. Tagging your town is one thing, tagging your neighborhood is dangerous.


Finally, connections are key! It’s never too early to start following other musicians, radio hosts, and podcasters. Following creators in a similar niche to you will increase the chances that you appear as a recommended artist to users who enjoy content like yours.


Be sure that you’re following creators whose content you actually enjoy. This will appear on your profile, so show off your music taste and support other artists in the process! As you do so, you might find that other content creators will begin following you, which means YOU’LL appear on their profile, gaining access to their entire audience in the process. It’s a win-win!


What Kind Of Audio Content Should You Create?


Room with various guitars


Now that you have an amazing Mixcloud profile all set up, it’s time to start creating your audio content!


While many Mixcloud users opt for music, that’s not all the platform offers. If you host a podcast, a radio talkshow, or have any other type of audio content to share, Mixcloud can host it!


We recommend starting in one content format, and branching out only when you feel that you’ve built a strong and solid foundation in another. For example, if you’re primarily a musician but have an interest in hosting a podcast, it may be a good idea to establish your presence as a musician first, showing the quality of your content and building connections, before you branch out to hosting a podcast.


This will not only save you stress in the long run, but it will also ensure you an audience right off the bat when you choose to branch out. Any fans you gained as a musician are more likely to tune into your podcast episodes when you’ve built hype for it.


Similarly, it’s important to keep in mind the level of effort you want to put into your content. Hosting a podcast and creating music are two different jobs, so juggling both may or may not work with your schedule.


Be honest with yourself and take things for a trial spin before committing. Sit down and craft a schedule that reflects the life of a podcaster and a musician, along with any other real world responsibilities you may have.

If it looks feasible, you’re one step closer to your goal! If not, you can decide which path is a better fit for you without having to throw away a ton of effort already put in.


Posting Content On Mixcloud




Once you’ve decided on the type of audio content you’re creating, there are few things to remember when posting your content to Mixcloud. First, be sure to utilize as many features as possible. This means uploading album art, adding tags, and reposting whenever necessary. 


Every post you make is a chance to reach a new user, so increase those odds as much as you can!


Start by uploading eye-catching album art. This is your first chance to grab the attention of your ideal listener. Take into consideration the thumbnail size that your album will be viewed as.


Most album thumbnails nowadays are tiny, so choosing an album design that isn’t too complicated but still has a unique look is key here. Consider what you want future albums to look like as well. If you’d like to create cohesive album art with a series of designs, start planning what that might look like. 


Not sure where to begin? Gather album art that you love and see what they all have in common. Take note of any elements that stand out to you and keep them in mind when designing yours. If you’re not feeling confident in designing your album, you can use a tool like Canva or hire a graphic designer on Fiverr to create one for you. 


Now that your album art is set, it’s time to utilize the rest of your post features. Tags are arguably the most important post feature available, not just on Mixcloud but on social media in general. Much like Instagram’s famous hashtag, Mixcloud tags allow you to categorize your post to allow users to find it easily based on key words and phrases.


For example, if you upload a rock song that features a sample from a famous artist, say, Michael Jackson, you might want to include tags like “rock” and “Michael Jackson” but also niche tags like the specific type of genre, the year, the atmosphere or vibe the song gives off, and any sounds that stand out (i.e electronic, saxophone, theramin, etc). Be as specific as you can so that users can find your work easily.


Next up is reposting. This means that after some time has passed, you repost your own content to your Mixcloud profile to bring it back to the forefront of your content. Maybe you had a great song that was posted back when you had fewer followers and now you want to share it to a wider audience. Or maybe you want to show how far you’ve come since your early days. Either way, reposting is a great way to repurpose older content and keep things fresh.


Don’t forget cross promotion! Once you’ve created and published your Mixcloud post it’s time to share it across as many social media profiles as you can. If you have a website, maybe create a blog post for the song with a bit of background on the meaning or a behind the scenes into its creation. Facebook and Instagram are great ways to share behind the scenes looks as well, don’t forget to include a link back to the original post on Mixcloud!


You can even share Mixcloud content on Pinterest, especially if you’re proud of your album art. And LinkedIN can be a great place to share professional work if you’re looking to break through as a professional musician. 


And if you’re present on other audio streaming platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, or Audiomack, don’t forget to share your content there too.


Finally, YouTube is key to music success. As the world’s 2nd most popular search engine, YouTube is one of the most popular music sources out there, so making your songs, podcasts, or radio show recordings available there can make or break your brand.


Beat Those Pesky Algorithms


Mixcloud how to upload


So you’ve built an amazing Mixcloud profile and you’ve started creating high quality audio content, but you’re just not reaching your engagement goals. Or maybe you’ve reached your goals and have your sights set on something bigger! Either way, it may be time to boost your Mixcloud content with Mixcloud SMM tools!


Every social media platform has a pesky algorithm that prioritizes content from well-known creators, or content that is already receiving a high level of engagement. This is because popular content brings in more money through ads and sponsorships than new up and coming creators would.


The result is that already popular content keeps gaining traction while new creators are forced to stay in the shadows no matter how hard they work. Sound unfair? That’s because it is!


But with Mixcloud SMM tools like Mixcloud followers, Mixcloud Likes, and Mixcloud reposts, you can build a foundation of engagement to allow your content to shine without breaking a sweat or stressing over pesky algorithms and tricky analytics.


Long-Term Mixcloud Success


Once you’ve set up your Mixcloud profile for success with a strong profile, amazing content, and a foundation of high-quality engagement through Mixcloud SMM tools, all you have to do is keep creating! Be sure to share your content across social media platforms in order to increase your audience and levels of engagement.


Check in with your analytics regularly to ensure that you’re on track to reach your goals - if not, don’t be afraid to invest in SMM tools to give your content the boost that it needs and deserves. After all, you work hard to create content and let your brand shine - why should you have to stress about getting in front of the right audience?


Let Mixcloud SMM tools do the work for you - it’s that simple! And if you have an audio presence elsewhere, why not buy Soundcloud plays too?


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