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Beginner's Guide To Dailymotion
September 14th, 2021 by Terri Pinyerd

Dailymotion has undergone a total transformation in the last few years, prioritizing short-form content to keep up with video trends.


Here's what you need to know.


Navigating The Dailymotion Site


When you visit Dailymotion the first thing you'll see is trending short-form content, with a sidebar of profile images similar to Twitch.


dailymotion homepage


From here, you can log in, sign up, or search using the bar at the top of the homepage. You can also download the Dailymotion app from the homepage.


Dailymotion user profiles include a profile image, handle, follower & following count, bio, as well as links to other social platforms. Users can browse a profile's uploads in the Video tab, or the Playlists tab.


dailymotion user page


An individual Dailymotion video page includes the video content, follow button, as well as buttons to like, favorite, share, add to playlist or report a video.


dailymotion video page


Each video has a description section, however there is currently no comments section on the desktop version of Dailymotion. Only mobile users can access comments.


Build A Strong Dailymotion Profile


Much like YouTube, Dailymotion profiles consist of a profile image, a user handle, bio, and social links.


As you scroll down, you can see videos and playlists featured by the user.


To make the most of your Dailymotion profile, it’s recommended that you take advantage of as many features as possible. Choose a professional profile picture, include a brief but relevant bio, link to as many social media profiles as you have, and always be sure to have content in each of the profile sections for your followers to refer to.


Maintaining at least one daily stream, creating curated playlists for your followers, choosing the best videos to feature, and maintaining a consistent upload schedule are key for Dailymotion success. 


Create Content That Shines


Go viral on Dailymotion with Dailymotion Views


As with any other social media profile, creating high-quality content is key to success. Without eye-catching content that brings value to your audience - whether through informing, educating, or entertaining - it’s not likely that you’ll be able to maintain consistent performance with your profile. 


If you’re just starting out and not sure where to begin, why not repurpose your content from other platforms?


Find a few posts that had particularly high engagement and expand upon them in video form. For example, if your Instagram post on your desk setup for productivity received a record number of likes and comments, why not create a video showing your followers how to recreate that setup and review a few of your favorite productivity tools in the process?


No matter what type of content you post, be sure to share it across as many platforms as you can to boost visibility and get the conversation started!


And don’t shy away from engaging with your audience when they respond.


While Dailymotion doesn’t offer a comment feature on desktop, your audience is sure to speak up about the content they do (or don’t) enjoy via the Dailymotion app. Don’t be afraid to open a friendly dialogue and take any criticism with open arms (and use it as inspiration for future content!)


Buy Dailymotion Engagement


Whether you’re a veteran content creator or just starting off, it can be difficult to break into a new platform or reach your engagement goals without a little boost. That’s where Dailymotion SMM tools come in!


Dailymotion and other social media platforms have an algorithm that favors high-performing content which means any up and coming creators and their content get pushed into the shadows, never getting the chance to shine. 


Sound unfair? That’s because it is!


With Dailymotion SMM tools like Dailymotion Views and Dailymotion Followers, you can increase your engagement and build a strong foundation of followers to allow your content its rightful place in the Featured tab without breaking a sweat over pesky algorithms and analytics. Take back the engagement that you deserve and give your audience the quality content they’ve been waiting for.


All you have to do is invest in SMM tools and keep creating the amazing content that you’re known for - the algorithm will do the rest!



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