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The Importance of YouTube Likes & Comments
September 7th, 2018 by Terri Pinyerd

The quick answer: likes and comments are both forms of engagement that indicate value to users who have just clicked on your video.


Engagement is a form of social proof, which can result in even more engagement and increased potential for long-term growth.


Why Are Likes Important On YouTube?


Without a significant amount of Likes on a video, it might seem to viewers as if your traffic is unnatural and discourage them from participating in the conversation around your content. 


The more positive feedback that your video already has, the more likely it is to receive even more positive feedback, boosting your video’s ranking and increasing the likelihood of your content reaching YouTube’s Trending page.


This is what is known as social proof.


youtube likes thumbs up man in red shirt


Why Are Comments Important On YouTube?


Along with Likes, comments are another important element of boosting a video’s popularity.


While many content creators opt for disabling the comments section in order to avoid unpleasant arguments or rude comments, most video authors understand the importance of starting a conversation with their viewers.


When your viewers can tell you what they do or do not like, you can craft your content to provide them more of what they want, and less of what they don’t!


Comments can help to promote a video by leading back to another video featuring similar content, or they can show other viewers that the content in the video that they’re currently watching (or loading) is worth their time, encouraging their fellow viewers to stay and increasing your channels watch time as a result.


For the same reason that it's important to buy YouTube likes, it’s also important to build a foundation of positive comments for your video content. 


youtube comment section


Making sure that the feedback is balanced - with the majority being positive, and a few comments suggesting changes or critiquing your work - will ensure that viewers feel that their opinions are heard and that they are free to express themselves to you.


While it’s easy to get lost in all the hustle and bustle of internet marketing - not to mention the confusing combination of clicks, visits, hits, posts, and follows required to achieve success - it doesn’t have to be complicated.


This is why building a foundation of Like and Comments is so important.


YouTube’s search algorithm analyzes your content, your audience engagement, your keywords, subscribers, comments, and more - so make sure you have all your bases covered!


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I delete a comment I made on a YouTube video?

You can delete your own comment by clicking the three stacked dots and selecting Delete.

Can I hide comments on YouTube videos?

You can hide videos on your own YouTube videos through video settings, however it's not recommended to do so as comments are a valuable form of engagement that can help your video's overall rank.

Can I see who liked or disliked my YouTube video?

No - likes and dislikes are anonymous on YouTube. Channel owners don't have access to this information.

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