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How To Disable YouTube ‘Are You Still Watching’: PC & Mobile
September 13th, 2023 by Terri Pinyerd

Like any other popular video streaming website, YouTube utilizes a few methods to prevent bot traffic and encourage users to subscribe to their paid features.


Whether you want to enjoy music as you fall asleep, or just want to watch a YouTube video without interruption, chances are you're looking to disable YouTube's annoying 'Are You Still Watching' feature without having to subscribe to YouTube Premium.


Here's how you can do that on both desktop browsers and mobile.


Table of Contents


Disabling 'Are You Still Watching' On Desktop


desktop browser icons


While creating a long YouTube playlist can help to reduce the frequency of the 'Are You Still Watching' YouTube message, there's a simpler approach that can stop YouTube from pausing your content and minimize interruptions while watching videos.


Browser Extensions


The easiest way to decrease interruptions is with the YouTube NonStop extension. This extension automatically clicks the 'Are You Still Watching' popup if the video paused, rather than preventing it outright. This allows you to continue watching or listening with zero interruption.


You can download the browser extension on both Google Chrome and Firefox.


This extension works on both the main YouTube platform and YouTube Music.


Disabling 'Are You Still Watching' On Mobile


young man using a mobile phone while seated on a sofa


Tired of the YouTube app pausing abruptly?


While there's no way to disable the Are You Still Watching feature via the YouTube App (other than subscribing to YouTube Premium), you can integrate the YouTube Nonstop extension using Kiwi Browser on your Android mobile device.


Here's how:


  1. Download Kiwi Browser from the Play store.


  1. Tap the three dot menu on the top right. Select Extensions.


  1. Tap + (from store).


  1. Search YouTube NonStop and download.


You should now be able to watch YouTube videos from the Kiwi Browser without interruption!

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