Affiliate Guidelines

Affiliate Guidelines

  • Banned Promotion Methods
  • We try to allow you freedom to promote using your affiliate link in as many ways as possible but we do need to ban some. When promoting you should not:
    • 1. Spam. This includes email, comment, post, forum and anywhere else. If the owner of the site or the receiver would likely find it to be spam, so do we.
    • 2. Misrepresent yourself. You are not allowed to say you're part of QQTube.
    • 3. Paid advertising using our name. You are not allowed to use our brand name or trademarks in any paid advertising.
    • 4. Offer kickbacks. You cannot offer a portion of your affiliate earnings for them to use your link.
    • 5. Link on coupon or discount sites. We do not provide any coupons or discounts which will get you earnings. Do not use your link on them.
  • Breaking any of the above will result in your affiliate status being immediately and permanently revoked with absolutely no chance for being reactivated. If you think your method may fall under one of the above you can contact us to be sure. We will also update the list as needed with or without notification via email, so please check back or signup to our newsletter.
  • Promotion without a website
  • You do not need a website to promote ours.  You are allowed to use other methods including emailing, posting, commenting, reviews etc.  This is however overruled by banned methods.
  • Email advertising
  • If you advertise with your affiliate link via email then you must send a copy of your mailing to before sending it and get approval. If you do not get approval and send it to that email address you will be removed from our affiliate program and forfeit any earnings.
  • Deposting funds using your own affiliate link
  • Using your own affiliate link to deposit funds and receive a commission is not allowed. Anyone found doing so will be removed from our affiliate program.
  • Blackhat tactics
  • Using any method to place an affiliate cookie without the user intentionally and specifically clicking on your affilate link or hiding referral site is not permitted and we will remove you from the program. Some examples (but not all) include:
    • Iframing
    • Popups or popunders
    • Lightbox, thickbox
    • Browser exploits
    • Flash or java applets that can place cookies
    • Referral stripping
    • Plugins, addons, or apps that hide the site.
    • URL Shorteners

  • Removal from affiliate program
  •  If you are removed from the affiliate program you will no longer earn commission from your links and forfeit your commission to a specific transaction or all commissions for all transaction. To avoid this if you have any questions then please contact our helpdesk and ask.




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