Affiliate Payments

Affiliate Payments

  • 1. How do I get paid? Paypal or funds on .  We currently do not offer direct deposit, check, echeck or other methods.
  • 2. Do you require any information from me? Your paypal email and some personal information both for security reasons and tax reasons. Anyone residing in the United States of America will be required to send us their SSN if they earn over $600 in a year. Anyone residing in the U.S., meets that minimum and does not provide us their information will not be able to receive more than $599.99 in a year.
  • 3. How much can I earn? Entirely up to you and how much you can or will promote us. Our rate is 20% for first tier affiliates and 5% for second tier affiliates.
  • 4. What are affiliate tiers? When you come to QQTube and signup for our affiliate program, you are the "first tier" affiliate in relation to yourself. Anyone you refer to QQTube and signs up with your affiliate link and also signs up for the affiliate program is a second tier affiliate. Similarly if you were referred to QQTube via an affiliate link, you are a second tier affiliate to whoever referred you (but you still get 20%). This allows you to make money from your referrals if they also become affiliates.
  • 5. How do I know much I have earned? You can find this in your affiliate area.
  • 6. When do I get paid? You must send in a ticket to our helpdesk to request payout.




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