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When will my service be added?

New services submitted on Sell On QQTube will be reviewed by our staff to see if we are interested in Beta testing. If so, then the API will be set up and the service will be added to our Beta Test Orders page, this can take up to 3 days after the service is added. 

After all 5 Beta Test Orders are complete we monitor them for 24 to 72 hours for delivery issues. We also wait until the orders have been reviewed by customers and we have no control over how long that will take. In most cases, the entire approval process could take up to 7 days

You will not see a service listed on our site under Service & Pricing for paid orders until it has:

1) Been approved for beta testing

2) Gone through beta testing and reviews

3) Been evaluated by our staff for final approval

The entire process can take up to 7 days

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