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When Will My Order Start?

The start time for all services can vary and is listed on the Service Description when you place an order. Some services have an instant start time and others may have a delayed start time. 

Instant Start does not mean that your order will complete delivery instantly. We do not have any services that provide instantaneous full delivery. The start time refers to the time it takes an order to begin processing.  

Once an order starts you need to allow for the order to process and fully deliver at the estimated delivery speed. All estimated delivery speeds are based on a 24-hour timeframe and that doesn’t go into effect until the order has actually started processing. 

Please be sure you review the Service Description for the service you are interested in before placing the order. 

Please note: for YouTube services, YouTube doesn’t update all stats in real-time so it can take several hours or in some cases several days for you to see the effects of your order.

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