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How do I become a Reseller and what are the benefits?

We offer customers that qualify the opportunity to have their account status changed to

RESELLER (you do not have to be a Reseller to have a Reseller account status). Resellers receive a 25% discount on all prices, however, they have a higher minimum deposit requirement of $100. 

To qualify for Reseller account status you must have an accumulated an deposit total (Lifetime

Funds) that is equal to or greater than $100.

Customer = $10 minimum deposit requirement, no discounted prices

Reseller = $100 minimum deposit requirement, 25% discount on all prices

If you are interested in Reseller account status please open a Support Ticket for account review

and approval. Reseller prices will not go into effect until you have received a confirmation back

from us that your account has been approved and updated.

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