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How can I sell my services on QQTube?

Using Sell On QQTube is the only way we add new services to our site.

You will need the following:

  • A QQTube customer account
  • A website/panel and be able to accept orders via an API

To move forward and add your services:

  • Log into your customer account
  • From your dashboard, click the Sell On QQTube link in the left side menu
  • Follow the prompts to go through the Terms of Service and required steps

Our Sell on QQTube feature allows providers/sellers to add services they want us to offer to our customers. We work with providers that have gone through an extensive vetting process and that can handle our high order volume. You must have a website/panel and be able to accept orders via an API for us to offer your services to our customers. If you don’t have a panel or API key, we can not offer your services. 

Providers will have no direct contact with customers. All orders will be accepted through our site and sent to you via API for you to process.

To move forward and add your services, you will need a customer account with us, then from your dashboard follow the prompts on the Sell On QQTube link. It will take you through our Terms of Service and the steps required to list your service(s) for review and testing (if approved by our staff).

Approved services will go through Beta Testing and review for a minimum of 72 hours. Our QQTube Beta testers will place 5 test orders and once they are complete the tester will leave a review along with verifying the details of your service description. These beta test orders are at the provider's/seller's expense and you must ensure that funds to cover the orders are added to our account on your panel in advance. Only services that pass our high standards after testing will be enabled on our site for customer purchase.

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