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Why Does My TikTok Account Keep Logging Me Out?
June 16th, 2024 by Arvee Saren

Were you just happily scrolling through your For You page then suddenly you are logged out of your TikTok account? It happens more often than not, and in this blog, we will find out what are the possible reasons why you are suddenly logged out of your TikTok account.


Account Security


If there's suspicious activity detected or an unauthorized account access, you may be logged out as a precautionary measure. This is an action that makes sure your account is secured and prevents data breaches as account security is very important to TikTok. If you believe that your TikTok account is hacked or compromised, it's best to change your password immediately and consider enabling additional security measures, like a two-factor authentication.


New App Updates


tiktok new update


Normally, an app like TikTok releases new updates from time to time. This is to improve performance, fix any issues, or add new features. However, there are times that when there's a new update, TikTok may require its users to log in again. This ensures that the latest version of the app is properly installed. This is a normal part when updating an app so it should not be a cause of concern.


Clearing Cache and Data


Clearing the cache and data of your TikTok app will remove files and data stored in the app which it uses to function as normal. Doing it can help resolve app issues that you may be experiencing. However, it may also log you out as a result. Sometimes clearing the cache will also result back to the app's default settings. You can log in as normal if you opt to clear the cach and data - just make sure you have your password or login credentials in handy.


Logged in to Multiple Devices


tiktok multiple devices


If you use TikTok on multiple devices, like a phone and a tablet, you may experience frequent logouts. You can only have one active session per account at a time, which means you can only log in to your TikTok account on one active device. If you log in on another device, the account on the other device will be logged out - whichever is the active device, the TikTok account will remain logged in. This is one way TikTok can prevent unauthorized access to your account.


Network Connectivity Issues


When there are network connectivity issues the app fails to communicate with its service, which leads to an abrupt logout. Remember to have a stable and reliable internet connection when using TikTok to minimize the chances of being logged out unexpectedly.


These are the most common reasons why users are logged out of their TikTok account. If you have your password and credentials ready, you can log back in and continue happily scrolling through For You.

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