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What Font Does Facebook Use?
April 5th, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

The Facebook logo uses the Klavika font, designed by Process Type Foundry in 2004.


The font was then altered slightly by Cuban Council in order to create the now-iconic logo design.


Alterations included:


  • Straightening the A to meet with the F

  • Widening the C

  • Reconnecting the K


What Is the Default System Font On Facebook?


Within the Facebook system, the following standard sans serif font options are used:


  • Roboto for Android

  • Segoe UI for Windows

  • San Francisco for iOS/macOS

  • Helvetica Neue


Facebook's font choices are meant to emphasize legibility over anything else, prioritizing ease of reading across devices and allowing users of all backgrounds to browse

comfortably. Various font sizes are used within the platform, and the default font size can be adjusted by individual users in accessibility preferences.


Similar Fonts To Klavika


If you're trying to get the same look as Facebook's logo font, Klavika, there are a few font dupes to choose from to replicate the custom typeface:



What Is The Facebook Hex Value?


Each Facebook product also has a unique colorscape that defines the brand.


Within the Facebook logo several shades are used including:


  • #0e1f56

  • #3b5998

  • #6d84b4

  • #afbdd4

  • #d8dfea


The Main Facebook Site


facebook logo






The main Facebook site uses the following shade of classic Facebook blue: #1877F2


Facebook Messenger



facebook messenger logo


Facebook Messenger uses a gradient of the following shades:


  • #FB4C82
  • #7B48FC
  • #1E84FE





instagram logo


The Instagram logo uses a gradient of the following shades:


  • #7332B0
  • #D01F6C
  • #E84454
  • #FCD778





whatsapp logo


WhatsApp uses the following shade: #25D366


What Colors Do Other Social Media Channels Use?


Curious about the color values of other social platforms for your web design needs? Here are the top shades used:


YouTube Color Values



youtube logo


The YouTube alphabet red color value is #FF0000


They also use the Roboto font.


Twitter Color Values


Twitter's old logo uses #1DA1F2


Pinterest Color Values


pinterest logo


Pinterest uses #E60023


Google Color Values



google logo


Google uses four classic colors across all Google owned apps:


  • Google yellow color: #FBBC05

  • Google green color: #34A853

  • Google red color: #EA4335

  • Google blue color: #4285F4


LinkedIn Color Values


linkedin logo


LinkedIn uses #1666C5


They use the default product sans font options, including Arial and Helvetica.


Snapchat Color Values


snapchat logo




Snapchat uses #FFFC00



TikTok Color Values


tiktok logo


TikTok's logo uses three colors:

  • #000000

  • #EE1D52

  • #69C9D0


Discord Color Values



discord logo


Discord uses #5865F2


Twitch Color Values



twitch logo


Twitch uses #924EF7



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