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TikTok Account Not Found: What It Means and How to Fix It
March 30th, 2024 by Arvee Saren

When you encounter the "Account Not Found" message on TikTok, there could be many reasons, and there are a few methods you can take to troubleshoot or resolve this issue:


Server Issue


Just like any other social media platforms, TikTok also experiences server errors and glitches. This is the first thing you need to check. If TikTok's servers are down, you will need to wait until the issue is restored. You can also check on a different account if other users are experiencing the same issue.




There's not much you can do if it is a server issue other than waiting until it gets resolved. Usually, it gets resolved within a few hours. If it's not a service issue, you can do some basic troubleshooting methods, like logging out and logging back in, clearing cache and cookies, uninstalling and reinstalling the TikTok app.


User Blocks


tiktok image


Being blocked by a user is the most common cause of the message "account not found". TikTok allows its users to block accounts from being able to view their content or interact with them. There are no restrictions on who you can block and people can block anyone for any reason they'd like to. If a user has blocked you, you'll see the 'Account not found' error message when you view their profile. To further confirm if you have been blocked, try accessing the profile from a different TikTok account.




Aside from reaching out to the user, clearing up the situation, and asking them to unblock you, there is really nothing much you can do.


Deleted or Deactivated TikTok Account


TikTok users have the option to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete their account. When either of these happens, all content on their profile and the profile itself will not be accessible to other users. When a user decides to reactivate, the profile may reappear. However, if the user decides to permanently delete an account, the search results will always show 'Account Not Found' status.




There's no solution to this case, unfortunately. You will have to reach out to the account owner on a different platform to clarify the situation.


Inactive Account


The TikTok app has an Inactive Account Policy wherein users who have not logged into or used their account for 180 days, their TikTok account username will be changed. This is so that active users can have access to more desired usernames.


So, if the account you are looking for cannot be found upon searching or you are getting the "account not found" message, the profile may not have the same username anymore.




  • Search the creator's full name on the search bar instead of their username.

  • If you are friends on Facebook, you can search for them via the “find friends” button on TikTok.

  • If you are already following the creator, you can scroll through your follow or friend list and look for usernames with random numbers. This may be the autogenerated username that TikTok assigned to free up the inactive account’s username.


More Troubleshooting Methods


  • Update TikTok: Ensure you're running the latest version of the app. App updates often include bug fixes that could resolve the issue.

  • Restart Your Device: Sometimes, simply restarting your device can fix temporary glitches or app issues.

  • Use a VPN: If the problem is regional, using a VPN to change your location might help.

  • Contact TikTok Support: If none of the above steps work, reaching out to TikTok's support team can help you get more insight into the problem and possible solutions​​.


Remember, maintaining an active account and adhering to TikTok's community guidelines can prevent issues like this from occurring in the future.

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