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How To Make Instagram Stories Longer
March 25th, 2024 by Terri Pinyerd

Did you know that you can make your individual Instagram Story video clips last longer than 5 seconds? Here's how....


Open the Instagram app and tap the plus sign beneath your profile picture to create a story.


instagram add story


Select an image from your camera roll or take a picture directly using your Story camera. You can also use one of the solid color backgrounds available.


Tap the music note icon at the top or the music sticker icon.


instagram story add music


Select the song you wish to feature.


Tap the number icon to choose the maximum length of the song - choose something longer than 5 seconds.


instagram story music duration


instagram story song duration


Use the sliding bar to select the specific clip of the song you want to feature.


That's it! Your Story slide will now last as long as the song clip you chose. You can add other creative elements - such as drawing tools - to your Story video using the square smiley face, as it won't affect the duration.


Repeat the steps above for the next story.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any third party apps that can allow you to upload longer videos?

While there are many third party apps that promise to help you with your Instagram video content and Instagram Reels, especially when it comes to creating long videos, it's important to research the app thoroughly before giving it access to your social media platforms as many go against Instagram's terms of service and may compromise your account.

How can I add music that I made to my Instagram Story?

Check out our full guide on how to add your custom music to Instagram here.

How long can Instagram Story video be?

IG Stories have a maximum length of 15 seconds. Any video recorded that's longer than 15 seconds will automatically be split into 15 second segments that (almost) play seamlessly.

Can I edit an IG Story after posting it?

No, you'll have to delete the Story and re-upload with your desired edits.

How can I make my Instagram Reel longer?

Instagram Reels must be between 15 and 90 seconds long. Currently there is no way to upload a video clip longer than 90 seconds long. Many creators will split an entire video into multiple videos and share it as a thread, encouraging viewers to enjoy the full story.


If you wish to make your video longer than 90 seconds, your best bet is to upload it to another video sharing app and link to Instagram.

What happened to IGTV video?

IGTV was phased out in 2022 and replaced by Instagram Reels, where users can upload short video content.


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