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Crafting The Ideal Brand Image

Kim B

You work hard on your brand, so your brand should be working for you, but if you find that your audience isn’t as engaged as you’d like them to be it might be time to analyze your overall brand image. From your profile picture to your content associations, crafting a brand image is more than just pretty images and abundant hashtags. Things can get overwhelming, but we’ve got your back. Here’s our easy guide to crafting the ideal brand image.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Brand photography tips and tricks


The two most important images surrounding your brand are your profile image/logo and your cover photo. If these images or designs aren’t relevant, thoughtful, and eye-catching then you need to start rethinking the message that you want to send your audience. Making sure that all images within your content are relevant, appropriate, and exciting is just as important. Each post image should relate to your brand’s main theme and overall identity, while standing out from the crowd - it’s not as hard as it sounds, we promise! Keep on reading to find out how you can improve your brand even more…


Birds of a Feather


Social media networking to go viral


The content that you support is just as important as the content that you post. Remember - everyone can see what you’re liking, commenting on, and reposting so be mindful! Only support content that you would be proud of creating yourself, and make sure that it’s appropriate for your target audience. Anything that you endorse will have your brand name linked to it, so it’s important that you link your brand only to people and companies whose mission is positive, relevant, and thoughtful.


Brand Reputation


How to build brand reputation


One element that’s highly important when building a positive reputation for your brand is how your brand appears on search engines. Aside from brushing up on your SEO knowledge, it’s important to make sure that the search results associated with your brand’s name, keywords, and the people associated with it (like you!) are relevant, positive, and most importantly, wanted. Start by searching up your own name on Google or your preferred search engine and browse through the first page of results. Notice anything unwanted, like private contact information, photos posted without your permission, or embarrassing Facebook statuses? Now is the time to start cleaning up your online presence. If you were the original poster of this content, go ahead and delete it. If you weren’t, but you know the person, reach out and send a polite request for them to take the media down. In some cases, websites that specialize in sharing contact information may have your mailing address, phone number, and full name. These websites almost always have an area to request removal of your information - if not, send a request to their support email. After successful removal, the results should refresh within a few weeks. Be sure to check back regularly for any new content. Repeat the process for your brand name, and any unique keywords associated with your profile!