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Link Extraction Guide

Terri P

At QQTube, we offer a variety of amazing services to help you simplify success, but with new social media features being added on a regular basis - and new types of URLs - sometimes ordering a service can be confusing. That’s why we’ve created an in-depth guide to extracting the links that you need to place your orders quickly, efficiently, and successfully.


While we update our guide regularly, our services frequently change and the examples below may not always be available for purchase.



YouTube Views, Likes, Shares, & Comments


Screenshot of a YouTube video with an arrow pointing to the URL in the search bar.

To order YouTube Views and Likes, provide your YouTube video URL by visiting the video page and selecting the URL text in the navigation bar. Your link should have one of the following formats:






YouTube Comment Likes


Screenshot of the YouTube comments section with the arrow pointing at the date the comment was posted.


For our YouTube Comment Likes service, the unique comment URL is required. To find this, right-click the posting date to the right of the commenter’s username and select “copy URL”. Your link should look like the following example:




YouTube Subscribers


Screenshot of a YouTube channel with an arrow pointing to the URL in the search bar.


Subscriber orders should be formatted as such: youtube.com/channel/UCasdjhflkasdjhf.


The string of characters after the "channel/" is unique to your channel and necessary for our system to direct subscribers to you.


You can find this by going to one of the videos on the channel and then clicking on the channel name.  Your URL bar will now have the correct URL. 


Experiencing an issue or need information that isn’t provided here? Open a support ticket and one of our Online Support Specialists will assist you right away!