Audience sits and films in a theater with their smart phones.

Audience Engagement 101

Terri P


What’s a successful brand without an audience? Loyal, enthusiastic customers and fans are what social media is all about, but when you’re first starting it can be difficult to know where to begin. Knowing the right questions to ask and how to respond to feedback is an important and necessary aspect of any social media presence. Even if you’re a long-time user of social media, you can still improve your methods of communication in order to grow your online community even further. Here’s how to gain (and maintain) a community around your brand.


Create A Welcoming Environment


Viewers don’t want to comment on a video that no one else has commented on - it gives the impression that your content isn’t worth discussing. Even worse, it can sometimes make viewers feel like you don’t welcome other opinions on your video. Build up a foundation of viewer engagement through subscribers, likes, comments, and comment likes in order to encourage new audiences to participate. 


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Start A Conversation


So now that you’ve built up a foundation of subscribers, likes, comments, and comment likes, it’s time to keep the conversation going. Many YouTubers end their videos by asking their audience a question, and encouraging them to comment below with their answer. This ensures that your viewers have an idea of what to say, rather than forcing them to come up with their own questions, comments, or ideas. Ask your audience about their experiences, opinions, and struggles - you’ll be surprised by how many will respond! Be sure to keep the questions relevant to your content.


Online Etiquette


Interacting with your audience can be tricky, especially if you begin receiving negative or offensive comments on your videos. It’s important to consider every comment as feedback on your content. Good or bad, a comment is valuable to your brand. Respond to every comment as if you were responding to a friend - be relaxed, friendly, and kind. If a commenter expresses that they disliked your content, ask them why - you’ll find that many times they can provide you with valuable feedback that you can use to improve and grow. Of course, offensive or violent comments should be removed and reported.


Another fun way of interacting with your audience can be done through shoutout campaigns. At the end of each video, you can display the top (or favorite) comment from your previous video, and give a shoutout to the viewer who posted it. This will provide your viewers with a reason to comment - free exposure is always a great motivator!


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Staying Positive


Interacting with your audience can be tricky, but done correctly you can see some amazing results. Don’t worry if your channel engagement starts off slow - everything is a learning process and we are all beginners when we start out. Stay consistent, positive, and friendly and you’ll be sure to see your channel grow over time. While you wait, why not create a welcoming channel by building up a foundation of subscribers, views, likes, comments, and more!