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Successful Marketing With Instagram Stories Posts

Terri P

Instagram Stories are a great way to connect with your followers without spamming them with too many daily photos and videos. With Instagram Stories, you can share video, images, links, and music as many times as you want - and over 250 million Story viewers have the potential to view what you create! The possibilities are endless, but that doesn’t mean it makes it easy to come up with creative ideas. Whether you're a YouTuber or you're Insta Famous, here are five great ways to creatively integrate Instagram Stories into your Instagram brand to supplement your marketing strategy and grow your audience.


Share Your Location


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Ever visit an unforgettable restaurant, but then end up forgetting what it’s called before you have time to share it with your friends? With Instagram Stories you can post directly from your location and even include the name of the place in the story using Instagram’s Location feature. This is a great way to keep track of where you’ve been, and it’s also a fun way to connect with your audience. Maybe next time you can ask your network of followers for recommendations!


Create A Poll


Not sure what your next YouTube video or blog post should be about? Stuck between two flavors of ice cream? Create a poll and ask your followers to give you a hand! This one is a win-win: you get the information you need and your followers get the exact content they want - and a greater sense of community and a strengthened relationship with YOU!


Share Your Everyday


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From morning routines to behind-the-scenes footage of content creation, followers love to see the real you. Just check out YouTube for the millions of popular vlogs that get uploaded each day - people love reality! Share your embarrassing (but cute) childhood photos, your culinary fails and wins, and the cute things your pets are doing - your audience will gain insight into the real you and become more invested in your content when they feel that they can relate to an actual human being and not a face on a screen.


Promote Your Content


Don’t forget what you’re here for! Every video, blog post, photograph, or product that you create can be promoted via IG Stories, and the beauty of it is that you can post hourly without spamming anyone’s feed (just be creative with each post!). Decorate with stickers, get creative with fonts, and be sure to lead your followers to a link in your bio or include the “swipe up” feature if your profile allows it.


Shout Outs


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You know that one Instagram feed that motivates and inspires you? That content creator whose outfits are always amazing? If you love them, your followers will love them too! Screenshot their feed, tag them, and write a little bit about why you love them so much. Post the Story and if you’re lucky, the user might give you a ShoutOut in return!

There’s no doubt about it - Instagram is the internet’s top photo sharing platform. With new features being added regularly, Instagram Stories is just one of many amazing ways to share new content and connect with your followers. Speaking of which, those of us here at QQTube would love to connect with you! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily service updates, social media tips, and real-time support - and check out our Services & Pricing page for an updated list of our many Instagram services. Simplify success and choose quality with QQTube!