Why should I buy YouTube views?

  1. Why should I buy YouTube views?

You’re coming to know me after I have just spent six months on a tour with an indie punk band trying to make it big in the music industry.  It’s been a crazy experience, filled with laughs, music (both good and very, very bad), and a very silver, cramped, tour bus.  I’ve chronicled the moments, both heartfelt and embarrassing, in a documentary, that I wanted to publish to YouTube.  Before embarking into the foray that is the YouTube consortium, I wanted to know a little more about what I would be getting myself into.

There were some questions I had to ask myself in the beginning.  For example, should I post my work as a full-length, feature film, or should I post a series of videos?  How much time should I devote to editing?  Should I go ahead and buy YouTube views?  I had to wrestle with these decisions every day.  I also had to pay for gas.  The big, silver bus is a gas-guzzler.  Thus, in order to completely grapple with my queries, I turned to the internet for research.

So begins the story of Gil, as he sets off on his quest to achieve internet marketing success.  As a friend and writer, I decided to help him with his endeavor.  We looked at his work, and we researched youtube’s search algorithm analytics.  As it turns out, whenever you post a video, there is a lot that YouTube takes a look at.  It looks at your organic traffic, how many people are interested in you and why, through keyword research.  It studies your feedback, posts in your comment section, and how many users have liked you and followed you.  It wants to know how your content is rated, and how many people are interested in you in the long-run, through growing subscriptions.

That was a lot to handle, and even that description was generalizing the work that Gil had to put into this.  Luckily, he was able to get help where he needed it.  After a few key decisions were made, we began the process of promotion through YouTube marketing.  He found pretty decent video editing software, and was also able to find a website where you could purchase YouTube views at a cheap price.  He built his audience by breaking the videos into a series of real-life adventures, editing and publishing on a weekly basis.  He capitalized on the rough, amateur style that is currently popular in the YouTube forums.  From there, he used a combination of paid-for, and original content to drive his organic traffic.

It continues to work in his favor.  Sure, it may not produce enough revenue to fix that big silver bus, once and for all, but time can work wonders.  Already he was able to generate greater interest, not only in his work, but in the band he went on tour with as well.  Gil was also able to reach out and connect with several other videographers, and is now busy once again, in a collaborative project he’s building with his new contacts.  With a few tools under his belt to help him, Gil was able to open a new world and expand even his horizons.



  1. Viewership is the golden ticket

Recent news articles have featured stories about Facebook trying to muscle in on Facebook’s territory.  What are these articles talking about exactly?  They’re talking about viewership.  Sure, they’re talking about distributors, and content, but at the end of the day, they’re talking about viewership.  You see, YouTube and Facebook share a funny relationship.

The point behind all this is, while Facebook has several million users, YouTube has several billion.  Some people start talking about purchasing YouTube views right about here- but that really only accounts for a small fraction of total viewership.  You see, YouTube is a platform entirely made for video content, whereas Facebook has to deal specifically with the various aspects of social media.  However, the fact of the matter is, unless you’re a Facebook stalker, or addicted to Zombie Island, the social media mogul Facebook, can only hold your interest for so long.  Facebook has billions upon billions of videos- that’s hours of content for people to watch and comment on.

It’s no coincidence that over half of the video content that posts on Facebook gets taken directly from YouTube.  You can purchase YouTube views, and still grow organic growth from the increased attention.  However, the circles within Facebook are a little more closed.  You post a video on Facebook, and it has a chance of being seen by your friends.  They like it well enough to repost- so it can be potentially seen by their friends.  They have to enjoy it to post it up for their friends to see- and so on, and so forth, down the like.  But that is accounting for a lot of probability.

Facebook does constant updates on their feeds, so there’s a great chance that your video may go unseen by most of your friends in light of new posts.  Instead of using keywords in searches, videos aren’t organized through Facebook- so there is no way to gain return viewership.  Not to mention that within circles of friends and family, there is a lot of overlap- which means that the same people are watching the same video, and not much else.  Sure you may not have to buy YouTube views, but that’s only if have a lot of friends.  Like, several million friends- or at least in that ballpark.

The thing about social media though, is that those numbers are achievable.  More importantly, Facebook is getting more of a facelift these days- which may change the shape of your marketing campaign.  The issue is, is that no one wants to be on the losing end of the numbers game.  Facebook doesn’t just want to be a platform for YouTube.  Social media networks such as these, aim for total interactivity with their users- which includes publishing videos and developing a name.  To that end, Facebook has begun working with content developers to regenerate their video feeds.  From what they could tell, it has been working.  Most people will still pay for YouTube views- which is good, to keep those numbers on the positive scale.  The videos exclusively posted on Facebook will run in conjunction with your YouTube content- not be a replication of it.  That way, original videos from both platforms will be under your brand name.

What this basically amounts to, is that for minimal extra work, you get double the traffic from publishing content.  You can only imagine the rate of traffic that comes from dual sources of content feeding into each other.  They’ve only really just started, but it looks extremely promising.  The numbers for organic search growth are impressive, to say the least.  What it all boils down to though, is that viewership is key, in maximizing your search potential.



  1. All about branding

No, I’m not talking about scarification or laser tattoos.  I’m talking about turning your company- your name, into a household brand through optimization in the YouTube streams.  You can publish videos to the YouTube platform, and you can purchase YouTube views, but you still won’t get very far.  Not unless you can figure out how to make a name for yourself.

A brand is called such because it is a stamp- a label.  Yes, it is a name, but it is also more than that.  A brand represents a seal of quality; it is a name that people can trust.  It is a symbol, or statement, that tells the user something dominant about yourself, and is unique only to you.  That is the power behind branding, and it cannot go overlooked when launching an internet marketing campaign.  Without a brand, how will people be able to instantly recognize you?

Let us give a few examples, to reinforce the point.  Guess.  Apple.  Hollywood.  Guess is a fashion line that is notable for selling jeans.  Apple is a company that sells user-friendly technology to its users.  Hollywood is the collective name for a few production studios that sell entertainment.  As you can see, brands have power.  Many publishers will only buy YouTube views after they have developed a strong brand.  That way, their brand can reach the larger audiences that take their enterprise to the next level.  Branding also helps promote your video through word-of-mouth.

You don’t start by purchasing YouTube views, randomly to take a shot in the dark, and hope for viral success.  Start by creating and marketing a brand- something that your target audiences will associate and easily identify with you.  Then pay for YouTube views later, to draw in bigger crowds.  Brands help establish a connection between you and your audience.  They work to define you, and also themselves.  Lack of a strong or consistent brand makes it more difficult for users to find or even remember you.  So now, when someone asks you, “what’s in a name?” you can tell them about the power of branding.  Brands help you advertise, and enforce a product, and can only serve to promote your video.

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