Some tips on going viral

  1. Some tips on going viral

Everyone is on the fast-track to going viral, it seems these days.  The competition to get the most views, the most recognition, and the largest fan base, is as fierce as ever.  Today YouTube boasts of over fifteen billion videos posts, an equal number of viewership, and almost as many subscriptions.  We’re talking about having access to the world’s volume of traffic.  These days, it pays to know how to get YouTube views.

In the game of popularity, you have the elite group; the top of the barrel.  These are the band of individuals who have the most interest, and the most notoriety; they are otherwise known as the ‘In-crowd’.  You know how to keep subscribers on YouTube- your formula, whatever it is, is working.  Within this in-crowd, there are an even more elite few, those whom everyone shows interest in, who are often described as the king or queen of popularity.  In the YouTube world, this highest pinnacle of popularity is what is referred to as ‘going viral’.

In the game of going viral, it’s not as cutthroat as you either win, or you die.  It is a game of chance on some level, because no one truly knows what exactly is going to go viral in that moment.  But mainly, truly successful videos rely on engaging content, frequent updates, and a long-term campaign of branding through relevant keywords and social media.  Enduring success come from a formula of hard work, and building upon organic growth.  There are several aspects of video optimization that should always be considered when undertaking a YouTube marketing campaign.

The best and foremost article to consider is content.  Content is the sure-fire way how to attain subscribers on YouTube.  There has been no video that ever went viral by being boring, or unenthusiastic.  YouTube has several billion users, all whom want to be entertained, informed, or inspired, in short- moved.  Gain your audiences’ attention, capture it, and keep it.  That is the key to building content success.  You’ve got to be creative, and engage your audience in a way others cannot.  That is how you create return traffic, and continue to bring in new traffic as well.

You’ve also got to know how to brand yourself.  Focus on reaching your target audience, and expand from there.  This isn’t just about optimizing your content for the greatest effect, it’s also about establishing a standard that people rely on.  That means reaching out to people.  You already know how to get YouTube views, now you’ve got to work on how to get and keep YouTube subscribers.  That means taking your video to wider audiences, such as utilizing social media networks.  Reaching across the different platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, lets you reach larger audiences, and generate instant reaction.

Remember, YouTube isn’t looking only for quality content and large quantities of traffic.  Within all this criteria, they are searching for longevity.  How often do you generate content- how frequently and for what duration?  Have you received a lot of return traffic in the form of return visitors?  How many people are invested in your project?  Take the time to study the powerful analytics behind youtube’s search engine to understand how you are getting YouTube subscribers.  From here, you can study your audiences, and discover areas where your brand strategy is weak.  You can track your YouTube viewers, and direct your content development.

It is not instant success that sustains you, but lasting, repeat success.  Going viral is about continuing to bring something new to the table, time and again.  You know how to get YouTube viewers and hold them.  You know how to expand upon your base, and grow your audience through creative content, and you know how to promote your brand successfully.  YouTube is relying more on their sustainable projects these days, and putting stock into those videos and channels that can definitively hold large audiences.  Thus, you want to base your internet marketing realization on long-term growth campaigns.  Always be working on improvement in all the key areas: content, scheduling, audience targeting, and amplification.  This is especially significant now, as social media platforms such as Facebook move toward a more competitive approach with YouTube.  Take advantage of this fact to stretch your influence.

Above all else, remember that there is always, always room for improvement.  The most popularly searched channels on YouTube are the ones that continue to develop with time.  You have to work to reach esteemed levels of viewership, and it is a full-time job.  But if your internet marketing is maximized to the most efficient extent, then the rewards are immeasurable.



  1. Youtube’s criteria

You and your friends have decided to make a YouTube channel to promote your comedy and film group.  You’ve got some videos posted, and you’re updating your content frequently, so what is the next step?  Now your job is to build up your fan base.  You’ve got to create a marketing campaign that will attract new audiences, and generate organic traffic.  The problem is, you don’t know how to get YouTube views.  It’s not like you can just wave a magic wand and they appear, after all.  Besides all that, you’re not even an internet magician.  You feel, as the kids say these days, like a noob.

What makes a video popular?  What sort of essentials are the YouTube team looking for that will impress them enough to put your video at the top of the search posts?  Remember, YouTube isn’t looking for that single key factor that will shoot your videos to the top of the rankings.  There is no single element that will cause your post to gain viral success.  In fact, going viral (a video’s ability to gain a massive following in a short period of time), is largely due to the author’s efforts, and sheer, dumb luck.  Much of it has to do with whatever is engaging enough to audiences in a particular moment that inspires them to repost it all over the social media platforms.

Which means that when a video goes viral, it tells YouTube that in that segmented period of time, this post attracted the attention of massive audiences.  There doesn’t have to be any actual reason, it was just whatever happened to be the most interesting thing to view at the time.  More importantly, a video’s immediate popularity doesn’t really have anything to do a video or channel’s eventual success.  Many of youtube’s most popular channels today are due to the fact that they continue to bring in audiences with fresh, exciting, and relevant content.  Youtube’s growth as an industry over the past ten years can be credited to channels that have built upon their viewership and gained subscribers.

Nowadays, people can’t even remember videos that were all the rage a few years ago.  YouTube isn’t impressed by a video’s ability to go viral, it is impressed with a post’s sustainability.  The measurement of a video is how you rate its success.  The huge conglomerate wants to know if you know how to get subscribers on YouTube.  Therefore, they are looking to see if your posts meet certain criteria.

Content is king, and you will get nowhere without it.  It may seem unfair that you have to compete with the world’s largest cute-cat video database, but hey- no one said life was fair.  I don’t make the rules, I just know how to play by them, and I know this much: nobody wants to watch a terrible video.  Nobody wants to be bored or patronized, or worse, made to feel like their time has been wasted.  Your work should be creative, engaging, and informative, if not all three, simultaneously.  If you want to know how to get subscribers on YouTube, then take a look at their analytics toward your video.  Study your audience, study your work, and ask yourself the most pertinent questions.

How’s your promotability?  A solid, dynamic video is good and all, but if you’re not going to take the time to market yourself properly- YouTube isn’t going to do anything to help you out.  The magic doesn’t make itself, after all.  You have quality content, now is the time to optimize it.  As of late, Facebook, in particular, has been interested in content developers to help launch their video platform.  Take the bull by horns, so to speak.  Now is the time to implement your brand strategy- to get your name out there and across social media platforms.

Time is the silent, secret ingredient to all YouTube success.  You know how to get YouTube views, and you’ve only increased your subscriptions.  You have figured out how to schedule your content regularly, and you’ve created a niche within your target audiences.  That doesn’t mean you can sit back and let the big money roll in- because success is determined by longevity.  This just means that you have begun the process.  To borrow lyrics from the Dub Pistols: don’t stop, keep on doing what you’re doing- gotta keep moving.  Now that you have videos posted, keep going.  Update content regularly, engage audiences, and continue to work on getting your name out there.

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