Why YouTube promotion works for you

  1. Why YouTube promotion works for you

                YouTube is an excellent form of marketing in today’s world.  It allows you to deliver a concise message to a wide-spread audience, which is especially beneficial if you want to break into a large market.  This makes YouTube a far more effective marketing tool than conventional advertisement campaigns.  Thus, more and more people are turning to YouTube, and to the Internet, to make their businesses successful.

                Marketing through YouTube makes sense for two significant reasons.  The first clear reason is in the numbers.  YouTube clocks daily viewership at over twelve billion.  Yes that is correct, the website YouTube, receives over twelve billion visits to videos on a daily basis.  Figures in that quantity can either work for you or against you, which is why YouTube promotion is the key ingredient to success.  It has become the world’s forum, and you have to reach out to make those statistics work for you.  We’re talking about huge collectives of potential audiences and subscribers out there to bring into your fold.  It’s only a matter of making yourself available to them.  With numbers like that, you have to ask yourself, why shouldn’t you take advantage of that?

                Which leads into the second point of my argument.  The fact that YouTube is a subsidiary of Google cannot go without notice.  When it comes to the world’s largest search engine, you want to remember three words: search engine optimization.  Because YouTube is owned by Google, videos are always displayed at on the first page.  If you have got a video that is currently trending, or immensely relevant, then you’ve got yourself a spot in the highest echelon of rankings.  That means working traffic is being directed to your video in the keyword searches.  That level of traffic only promotes itself, and the difference in the level of profit margins in your business as a result, is fairly obvious.  At that point, other companies are paying you to advertise their product on your video.

                Talk about going viral.  But you don’t need blind luck to get your feet off the ground.  Making successful videos is hard work, involving creativity, content, and restructuring.  That is only the first step of the marathon, because then you have to set about the task of understanding your audience.  What do they want, what do they need, and what are their motivations?  Even more importantly, you should ask yourself: what do have that you can offer them, why should they invest in you, and how can you reach them?  It doesn’t matter whether you offer a product, or a service; whether you’re some new talent, trying to catch a break, or an organization trying to raise awareness, these respects still apply.

This is where YouTube marketing comes into play.  There is no way you could create a brand without the ability to target audiences through keywords, and establish a market based on subscribers, likes, and views.  We would all be as ships, floundering in the water, without any navigation to steer our course.  Direct your compass, and let the streams of targeted YouTube audiences lead you to the treasure of internet marketing success.



  1. This message was brought to you by: the number, one million, and YouTube

One million. It can be such a pleasing, even number.  Perhaps not in certain aspects (I personally would not like to come home to one million ants in my kitchen, or owe one million dollars to the bank), but for the most part, we like the idea of one million.  My girlfriend claims to want one million Oreos for her birthday.  She’ll settle for two packs, trust me- it’s a great bribe too.  Ideally, I would happily take one million dollars over a Klondike bar, but if any reader wants to offer me either of those (or both, let’s go with both-) hey, I’m game.

What I would also be happy with, is one million YouTube views.  Why, what does one million views do for you?  For one thing, it tells you that you’ve got a widespread audience.  This is a good start for getting your work off the ground- you’re on the right path to success.  Granted, that kind of audience isn’t going afford you one of those new Tesla’s, but it means you’re on the right track.  With one million views, you’re recognized as having valuable content that is attracting larger interest.  This increase of popularity means a greater chance of your video reaching the top of the rankings in the YouTube search bar.  At the end of the day, you can’t rely on YouTube to do your promotion for you.

From a million views, the audience for your video can only grow.  Several million views means that your video is reaching the ‘most popular’ pages.  Sometimes it’s difficult to reach that landmark however, so there are ways to help you that point.  There are websites such as Tube Start, and Kickstarter that help work to launch your campaign and grow interest organically.  After all, YouTube is a website for publishing videos, they leave the development up to you.  No one is going to hold your hand through this process, and the chances of your video randomly going viral are as likely as one million Oreos being delivered to your doorstep in the next five minutes.  That is why many people start by going through websites like QQtube to buy YouTube views to boost their chances of getting organic traffic.  Some begin by buying one million YouTube views, some buy several.

Doesn’t that seem like cheating?  There is nothing wrong or illegal about buying views, and many people such as entertainers and businesses employ this tactic to help grow their viewing numbers.  Just don’t go overboard, thinking you can trick the search engines in shooting up your chances at sales.  The algorithm doesn’t look at views- that is only one piece of the puzzle.  Start slow, try buying one million YouTube views.  Continue to build your content, and grow from there.  Use buying views as a means of YouTube promotion.  See?  Just because one million doesn’t fetch what it used to, does not mean it isn’t still a good thing.  The goal is to reach larger audiences, after all.



  1. How to YouTube

For many, YouTube is viewed as a powerful tool for internet marketing.  Yet in reality, it is not that simple.  You can’t just snap your fingers and have a video magically go viral- nor are the moderators at youtube’s headquarters picking your video through lottery to send it to the top of the searches.  There are no hunger games here my friend.  The fact of the matter is, proper marketing on YouTube requires as much effort as it took to get your production made.

There are no true shortcuts to viral success.  Sure you can start by buying one or a few million YouTube views- but it is just a start.  That won’t solve all your problems if you have poor quality content.  Say you pay roughly one hundred dollars to buy one million YouTube views.  That helps generate another million views, which nets you over one thousand dollars.  That’s not bad, but it isn’t exactly making a living either.  This should tell you that there is more that you could be doing.  You could be regularly updating content- bringing more to the table to attract viewers.  Frequently posting new content helps your viewers stay continuously interested in you.

Expanding and developing content also helps strengthen your keyword density.  What this tells the YouTube search engines is that you have more tags and relevant subjects in your video titles and headings to work from.  Like anything else on the Internet, YouTube is just another database in its simplistic form.  The more keywords you can latch onto, the better.  Let’s say that you’re a user who is interested in the history of rap.  You specifically are interested in west coast rap, so you type into the YouTube search engine: ‘Rap’, ‘History’, and ‘Snoop Dogg’.  Now that search will almost certainly pull up some music videos from Snoop Dogg’s early career, and probably some interviews with Snoop Dogg concerning the evolution of rap music.  Thanks to the value of YouTube marketing, and using YouTube as a means of promotion, you’ve accidentally stumbled across a recent video from the guys over at Epic Rap Battles of History: the Christmas special featuring Snoop Dogg.

See what happened there?  For starters, two of your search keywords dealt with entertainment: a genre of music, and a specific performer.  Your third subject was of history.  This told the YouTube search engines that you either wanted to be entertained or informed, regarding past topics, and the performer, Snoop Dogg.  The Epic Rap Battles of History took advantage of this search criteria, by making sure one of their articles of content featured all those key words into their title and headings.  By employing this tactic previously in their other published content, they were able to amass a huge following, which is why it was able to reach the top of your search.  It is an ideal example of how you promote through YouTube.  As it turns out, the epic rap battle with Snoop Dogg was very entertaining for you, and now you have joined the ranks as one of their subscribers.  That is how one successfully markets on YouTube.

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