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Three Signs Your YouTube Channel Needs A Boost
January 7th, 2021 by Terri Pinyerd

Every YouTube channel eventually hits a plateau when it comes to overall growth and engagement. No matter how much effort you put in, it can be difficult to see results if you’ve hit a content creation slump.


Whether you’re a veteran Youtuber or just starting out on your content creation journey, every YouTube content creator experiences a moment where their channel needs a boost.


But how do you know when you’ve hit a plateau? Luckily there are a few signs that your YouTube channel needs a boost. Keep an eye out for one of these top 3 signs, so you can start taking action!


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Three signs your youtube channel needs a boost


You’re Receiving Less Subscribers Than Usual


Why are my YouTube subscribers leaving

This is the most obvious sign that your YouTube channel needs a boost. If you’ve noticed that your channel isn’t receiving as much attention as it used to, particularly in the last month, it may be time to reexamine your approach.


You can look at your channel’s growth via YouTube Creator Studio. This will show you patterns in growth and engagement. If you notice any dips or plateaus in your subscriber count in recent weeks, this may be a sure sign that you need to improve your content creation methods.


So what can you do to improve your subscriber count? Go back to basics and start spreading the word about your channel. Share your content across social media, with family and friends, and even by word of mouth! Let people you meet in person know about your channel, and you never know who will subscribe next.


You can also analyze the type of content you’ve been creating in recent months. Did you change your channel niche when the plateau began? Maybe you adopted a new editing style or the quality of your videos isn’t as good as it could be. Be honest with yourself and make adjustments where needed.


You’re Receiving Less Views Than Usual


Why am I not getting YouTube views


So maybe your subscriber count is just fine, but you’ve noticed that not enough people are actually watching your videos. This is common, as many people will subscribe to channels and then forget to tune in to their content.


It might not even be your fault! YouTube’s algorithm is notorious for hiding subscribed content below Recommended and Trending content. One way to prevent this is by reminding and encouraging your viewers to hit the notification bell below your videos. This will send them a notification whenever you upload a new post, so they can be sure to tune in.


However, don’t blame the algorithm for everything. Much like with improving your subscriber count, improving your view count relies heavily on the type and quality of your content.


Did you make any changes - big or small - to your content recently?


Maybe your upload time is inconsistent, or different than it used to be when you were first starting out. This could mean that your most loyal subscribers are unable to tune in to your videos when they expect to.


Reflect on the quality of your content, any changes you’ve made in recent months, and take into account what your viewers are saying in the comments section! Acknowledging suggestions, criticisms, and feedback from your viewers is crucial to creating long term, consistent growth in your channel.


No One Is Engaging With Your Content


Why is no one commenting on my YouTube videos

Engagement has many faces on YouTube. Likes, dislikes, comments, comment replies, comment likes, and shares are all types of engagement that your video can receive.


While some of these metrics are more desirable than others, and more common to receive, they all still provide valuable feedback regarding your content. But what happens if you notice you’re receiving less engagement all around?


If no one is engaging with your content, that might be a sure sign that your videos are simply...not engaging. This is a good time to ask your viewers what they want - or start reading the comments if you haven’t been already! 


If you notice more dislikes than likes, maybe your topics are just not what your viewers want. If you’re not receiving any comments, start prompting your viewers to comment below with specific questions you have, or host a giveaway with the prize going to the poster of the best comment!


YouTube Shares are the holy grail of engagement, because it means that your content is not only worth watching, it’s worth spreading. If a viewer shares your content, it means that they got value from what you created and want to share it with others. In other words, it’s a vote of confidence. 


The Bottom Line


Creating content on YouTube is a journey of many ups and downs, so it’s only natural to have better months than others. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above in your channel, don’t be discouraged! This is just an opportunity to make improvements, learn from your mistakes, and create even better content moving forward.


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