Buying YouTube shares is a great way to take your content to the next level.

Why Buy YouTube Shares?

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No matter how popular your YouTube content is, chances are you have a few goals regarding the growth of your channel. Whether you’re a seasoned YouTube veteran or a fresh faced beginner, there are a few ways to boost your YouTube success.


One great way to increase your viewership and subscriber count is to share your content across social media. But what happens if your content is not getting noticed enough to be shared in the first place?


That’s where buying YouTube Shares comes in. By buying YouTube Shares, you’re telling YouTube that your content is being shared across social media.


Many YouTube Shares services might not even actually share your content across social media, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that YouTube sees the analytics, and boosts your video ranking as a result.


In other words, the more “shares” (real or perceived) your content receives, the greater your chances are to reach your social media goals


Here are a few things to consider when buying YouTube Shares.


Why buy youtube shares


How Popular Is Your Video Right Now?


Investing in YouTube Shares to boost performance


If your video is receiving less than a hundred views, it might not make sense to start investing in shares, because the metrics will look unbalanced and raise some red flags.


However, if you invest in YouTube views, likes, and shares, then your video will start to see increased success due to the appearance of natural growth. 


Always make sure to keep your metrics balanced. Check out our other post on YouTube Metric Ratios for Success to find out more about how to keep things looking natural.


To summarize, if you’re investing in views you want to ensure that you’re investing in likes as well. Adding a few comments is also a good idea! Similarly, if you’re investing in subscribers you want to invest in views (otherwise what’s the point?!). 


What’s The Point Of Shares?


Why should I buy YouTube shares

When it comes to metrics, shares get ignored since they’re essentially invisible. There is no Shares count visible on the public side of a YouTube video, so many creators don’t bother. But they’re missing out on a key metric for true YouTube success.


YouTube looks at a variety of metrics when it comes time to rank your videos. Obviously views, subscribers, and likes are at the top of the game - followed by comments and other engagement metrics. But shares are just as important because they show just how truly valuable your content is. When a viewer shares your video, they’re saying that your content is so good, it’s worth taking the time to spread the word to others. In short, they’re giving you a vote of confidence.


Even if your video is not actually being shared, YouTube’s algorithm will take this metric into consideration. This is why there are so many videos on the Trending page that don’t necessarily seem popular at first glance, whether it be because of a moderate view or like count. These videos, despite their small channel base, are receiving a high volume of shares due to the quality of their content. 


Add your channel to the ranks with YouTube Shares - you’ll be surprised by how successful your videos become!


Life After Shares


Buying YT SMM tools best price


Once you begin investing in Shares, you won’t want to go back. Use this boost in growth as a chance to start spreading the word about your amazing content in your network, now that you have the metrics to back it up with. Sharing your content to your own social media circles - including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter - is a great way to increase your viewership and subscriber base, but it’s also key to long term natural growth. Without genuine interest in your channel, you might see a brief spurt of growth and a sudden plateau in your success.


Avoid the sophomore slump and keep things consistent by sharing well and often. When it comes to sharing, you want to convince your audience about the value that you will bring them, ideally with little to no work on their part. Avoid asking your viewers for anything - this is all about giving them what they want and need. At least in the beginning of your journey, your needs as a content creator should be put on the back burner. 


Quick, snappy descriptive headlines work best. Draw attention to the brevity of your video, the value that you will bring your viewer, and the results that they will have if they view your content.


No matter what your video is about, you’re sure to succeed in your niche if you’re wise enough to invest in the metrics that matter most - regardless of what looks impressive.


Reach Your Social Media Goals


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