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Successful on YouTube? Here's Why You Should Start Streaming On Twitch
April 2nd, 2021 by Terri Pinyerd

With so many different social media platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to branch out once you’ve achieved success on one. New algorithms to beat, new posting formats to learn, and an entirely new demographic to win over - it’s daunting to say the least!


But if you’ve found success on YouTube, you might want to give Twitch streaming a try.


No matter what your niche is, Twitch has a place for you. Featuring gamers, DIY enthusiasts, artists and creatives, and even a huge ASMR community, there’s nothing you can’t stream on Twitch! Even better, Twitch makes engaging with your audience a breeze - and if you're looking to boost engagement even further, why not buy Twitch followers?


Still not convinced that Twitch is the right platform for you and your content? Read on to find out more about what Twitch can do for you - and how it can even take your YouTube content to the next level!


Why you should start streaming on Twitch


An Interactive Format


One of the best aspects of Twitch as a platform is its interactive nature. No matter what you’re streaming, it’s super simple to engage with your audience thanks to the easy-to-use chat feature. Host Q&As, play games, or simply keep a conversation going all while creating the content you’re known for! 


While YouTube offers a Livestream feature, it’s not what the platform is usually known for and creators often run into obstacles while hosting a stream. If you want to maintain interactivity with your audience, Twitch may be the better option for you.


In our post on Twitch Streaming Success For Beginners, we break down the best ways to get started with the platform, including some awesome tools to help you keep your audience engaged while you’re busy creating content! No matter how focus intensive your content is, there’s always a way to engage with your audience in real time. If we’ve already convinced you to get started with Twitch, head on over to that post to get started with the basics and build a foundation for success!

If not, keep on reading.


Engaging With A New Community


YouTube is known for its multi-demographic community, but depending on your niche you might be missing out on an entirely new audience base.


Streaming on Twitch can bring your audience to the forefront of a new community of people with diverse interests, and through cross-platform promotion and word of mouth your content can find its way to the computer screens of more people than you could ever imagine.


Even better is the fact that Twitch is a global community, so you might even reach an audience that you were unable to reach on YouTube due to region restrictions.


Streaming on Twitch is a great way to engage with people you may not otherwise have considered based on your original YouTube content niche. If you usually focus on ASMR content on YouTube, you might not have considered that people interested in Twitch gaming streams might want to give your content a listen to help with their insomnia or anxiety. Or maybe they’re on the lookout for some of your amazing recipes!


Cross-Platform Promotion


If you’re already gaining success on YouTube, chances are you’re familiar with the concept and benefits of cross-platform promotion. If you’re not, that might mean you’re one of the lucky few who went viral without even trying! If so, congratulations!


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, cross-platform promotion is simply the practice of sharing one platform’s content to another in order to promote it to a wider audience or different demographic.


For example, if you just posted an amazing YouTube video you might want to announce it on your Facebook page, Instagram Story, or Twitter feed. If your content applies, you could even make a Pinterest pin or Tik Tok.


When it comes to Twitch and YouTube, cross-platform promotion shines. By streaming on Twitch you can draw attention to your YouTube channel and other social media profiles. Conversely, if you’re creating content on YouTube you can funnel your current subscribers to Twitch to start your streaming career off on a strong note!


The sky is the limit!


Letting Your Personality Shine


YouTube can sometimes be a little limiting when it comes to letting your personality shine through. YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t always work well with longform content, and many people visit YouTube videos to get straight to the point. Furthermore, it can be tempting to play up a side of yourself that may not be the real you, in order to appeal to your audience.


With Twitch, there are no pretenses. When you stream it’s just you and your audience interacting as if you were already friends. This allows you to engage with your subscribers in a more authentic way - and there’s no downside to that!


So if you’re ready to get started streaming on Twitch, take a look at our guide to Twitch streaming success for beginners!



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