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Social Media Networking: Your Guide To Making Connections
August 22nd, 2022 by Terri Pinyerd

If you’re a content creator for a social media platform, it’s important to make the most out of the “social” aspect. Networking with other creators and influencers can provide a huge boost to your engagement, not to mention your content quality!

By interacting with content creators in your niche and others, you can benefit from their audience as they benefit from yours.

So how do you start making connections online and building these valuable relationships? Read on to find out more!

social media networking your guide to making connections


Do Your Research

how to find other content creators

Before you reach out to a fellow YouTuber or influencer, make sure you know what they’re all about! You want to be sincere in your conversation, so don’t just reach out to someone because they have a high follower count or tons of subscribers.

Finding people who have similar interests to you is a great way to build lasting relationships and network in a way that provides a greater impact.


This doesn’t mean you have to cyber-stalk them - just browse through their content like any fan would so that you know what their basic interests are and how a friendship with you might be of interest to them as well.

Just Say Hi!

how to cold email for networking

Even online, it can be hard to network when you’re shy. If you don’t know what to say or how to begin a friendship, just start by saying hi! A simple, sincere hello can do wonders - once you’ve said hello you’ll likely have the confidence to move forward and add on a friendly comment regarding their latest video or another point of interest that you share. 


Remember: be sincere, and stay true to yourself. Don’t just say what you think people want to hear!

Start Small

networking on youtube reddit

Before you go out there DMing dozens of YouTubers and influencers, focus on building a few lasting relationships with creators who have something in common with you, whether it’s a similar niche, location, common interests, or values.

Once you’ve built up a few strong connections with others, you’ll have the confidence to reach out to even more people and create your ideal social media network of lasting friendships.


It can be tempting to be as efficient as possible and message dozens of people at once just to increase the odds of receiving a reply, but when you do your research and narrow down your list of potential connections, you’ll find that there may be more replies than you’d expect which can soon be overwhelming. Start small, and branch out from there.

Stay Authentic

youtube culture authenticity

When you’re interacting with so many different people on a regular basis, or struggling to make quality connections with others, it can be tempting to curate your replies based on what you think they want to hear. This will result in issues down the line, when you can’t keep track of who you’re supposed to be with each person or what you’ve already told them. Not only that, but it’s not fair to you or the person you’re talking to. Stay true to yourself, you never know who might be waiting to meet someone just like you!

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