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Mastering Audience Engagement For Maximum Results
May 6th, 2021 by Terri Pinyerd

Social media veterans and newbies alike all struggle with the same thing - audience engagement. No matter how many years and social media profiles you have under your belt, engaging with your audience and getting your audience to engage with your content in a meaningful way can be a struggle.


Whether you’re an individual, an influencer, or running social media for a business, there’s nothing more important in the social media marketing world than audience engagement.


So how can you measure audience engagement and, most importantly, how can you master it? Today’s post will take you through the top tips and tricks of mastering audience engagement. Let’s get started!


Mastering audience engagement


Getting To Know Your Analytics


What your social media analytics really mean

When it comes to audience engagement, there are a few key analytics that you should get familiar with before you start making any changes to your content creation process. The specifics depend on the exact social media platform that you’re using, but they generally remain the same in basic concept.



The first basic engagement analytic is the Like. Every platform has some form of a Like, but some go by different names like Upvotes or Claps. Regardless of the moniker, Likes simply show support for a specific post without requiring the user to view the content in-depth or make a comment. It’s a quick and easy way to show that you agree with, or enjoy, a piece of content.


If you’re not receiving enough Likes, in any form, it may mean that your content isn’t immediately eye-catching. Likes are the quickest way to engage, especially in a world of perpetual scrolling. If your photo, graphic, or video isn’t flashy enough it might get lost in the fray. Take a look at the content you have with the most likes. Is it brightly colored? Are you using a bold font? Use what’s working across the rest of your content to give it a fighting chance.



Comments are valuable because they’re the quickest way to gain honest feedback about your content and your services. Almost every social media platform has some type of comment system, with the exception of Pinterest which focuses more on the content than any discussion around it.

If you’re not receiving as many comments as you’d like, try encouraging audience members to speak their mind by asking quick questions, providing interesting prompts, and seeking out feedback in a sincere and thoughtful manner.



Shares are a direct indication of the value of your content. Simply put, if your content is valuable it’s worth sharing! If you’re not seeing your content is being shared as frequently as you’d like, a simple prompt to your audience to share your content can do wonders. 


Engagement Times

Your analytics will also tell you when your content is gaining the most engagement. This includes the days of the week, times, and regions that your audience members are located in. You can do a quick search for the best times to post based on your target demographic and adjust future content to be scheduled during these peak times. This can ensure that your content is being put in front of the right audience at the right times.


Content Types

Alongside your engagement times, you should also be able to see which pieces of content are receiving the most engagement. By analyzing the similarities and differences between high- and low-performance content, you can ensure that future content includes any features that are bringing in higher numbers of engagement.


For example, if you notice a large number of likes on every video you post, and very few on your photos, try increasing not only the number of videos you post but integrating GIFs instead of photos. This brings in elements of high-performance content without sticking too strongly to one medium.


Building Strong Audience Rapport


How to engage with your YouTube audience

Regardless of which changes you make to increase your engagement, it’s important to build strong rapport with your audience. This means responding to comments and criticisms as quickly as you can (and as sincerely!). Take audience feedback and requests into account in future content to show your viewers that you’re listening to them, and aim to give back in some way. This can be via a giveaway, freebie, or discount code for a service they may value. Whatever it is, ensuring that your audience trusts and values you and your content is key for long-term success.


Moving Forward…


As you move forward in your social media journey, it’s important to check on your analytics from time to time. Don’t wait for engagement to decrease before you do this! Schedule in monthly or quarterly social media audits to address and minor concerns, analyze patterns, and overall improve your social media marketing approach. By being proactive, you can ensure that your content is reaching its full potential.


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