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Is Your YouTube Growth Plateauing? Here's How To Boost It
August 1st, 2022 by Terri Pinyerd

Even the greatest social media content creations plans can struggle to reflect consistent engagement.

If you’ve done all that you can but find that your YouTube growth is plateauing - whether it’s your view count, subscribers, or a lack of engagement, there are a few things you can do to boost your channel and start making real progress again. Read on to learn more!


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is your youtube growth plateauing?


Review Your Analytics & Insights

youtube analytics


The first thing you should do when determining how to improve your engagement levels and end the plateau is reviewing your analytics and insights. Most major social media platforms offer an integrated insights feature, and YouTube is no exception, with a detailed YouTube studio analytics dashboard - so make the most of this!


There are a few key analytics to take into consideration when you’re attempting to determine the cause of your engagement stagnation.

First, note the demographics of your most active users - are you currently directing your content to this key group, or are you aiming for a different type of audience?


Next, review your subscriber analytics. Are you gaining new subscribers? If not, when was the last time you gained them? What were you posting at that time? 


It’s important to take a look at the engagement type of your most popular videos. Are you gaining tons of views but very few comments? Encourage your viewers to comment in your video, or provide an incentive for those who comment - for example a raffle or contest for those who comment a specific emoji or phrase.


Once you have a clear idea of what type of engagement you’re lacking - and what you want - as well as when you stopped gaining this engagement, you can move on to the next steps.

Ask For Feedback

asking your youtube audience for feedback

If you’re not sure where you’re falling short, why not just ask your audience? Create a YouTube Community post asking for feedback - general or specific - or create a poll, Instagram Story with a questions sticker, or a post on one of your other social media profiles. 


When you receive the feedback, be sure to engage with your subscribers by thanking them or liking their comments so that they know their voice was heard.

Look At The Competition

youtube competitor research

Follow in the footsteps of those who are where you want to be. Create a list of your favorite YouTube channels, preferably those in a similar niche as you, and take a look at how they engage with their audience, how their YouTube descriptions are formatted, if/when they create competitions, if/when they livestream or set Premiere videos, and what their other social media profiles look like. The more details you investigate, the more you’ll learn!


Then, make a few small changes in your own content. Start with just a few at first, so that you can skip out on anything that doesn’t work while keeping what matters most - this will save you both time and energy down the line.

Review Algorithm Changes

youtube algorithm updates

If you’ve done everything outlined above and you’re still not seeing changes, it might not be you - it’s possible that the dip in engagement is due to YouTube algorithm changes outside your control. Unfortunately this happens often, and YouTube updates their algorithm without notice on a frequent basis. 


Since there’s nothing you can control about it, the best thing to do is change what you can control and keep moving forward.


Which brings us to the most important step of all….

Invest In SMM Tools

Investing in SMM tools like YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, YouTube likes, and more can help to break out of that engagement plateau without stressing over YouTube’s constant algorithm changes. 


When you buy YouTube views or other engagement metrics you’re allowing your content to be put in front of an organic audience, which can result in organic engagement.

The most successful YouTubers know the value of investing in SMM tools - so what are you waiting for? It’s time to reach your social media goals!

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