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Why You Should Invest In Facebook Followers

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With so much content competing for users’ attention, it can be tricky to get started building a brand presence on Facebook. Add to that the frustrating algorithm preferences, and it might seem downright impossible to gain any organic engagement in a stress free way. But don’t worry - it’s not as hopeless as it seems!


The thing is, Facebook’s algorithm has a preference for high-performing content, in order to provide the most value to users. That means posts with a high number of likes and comments, and pages with a high number of Facebook followers.


That’s why you should invest in authentic Facebook followers. Encouraging new visitors to your page with metrics that reflect a high level of value is a sure way to gaining organic engagement and building a strong foundation for your brand.


Not sure where to begin? While it can seem confusing to choose among so many different services, there are a few things to consider before you begin investing in Facebook SMM tools. Once you’ve set the foundation for your improved metrics, the choice will be clear!


Invest in Facebook followers


Setting Up Your Facebook Page


How to set up a Facebook page


Before you even consider investing in Facebook SMM tools, it’s important to set up a strong Facebook business page for your brand. Organic audiences will be drawn to your page based on the follower count and page name, but they’ll stick around depending on the quality of your content and the value that you can bring them.


The first thing to take into consideration is the name of your page, as well as the page @ handle. Keep things short and sweet, stick to your brand name if you have one or your name if you’re maintaining a page for a personal brand.


Keep your username as close to the page title as possible to avoid confusion. Bonus points if your username is the same across all social media platforms!


Filling out your page’s About page is key. Use this space to provide as much detail about your brand as possible, to share your message and convince your audience of the value that you can bring. Facebook’s bio section allows for more words than Instagram’s does, so take advantage of this!


Be sure to link your page back to your other social media profiles as well as your website if you have one. Modify the call to action button that appears beneath your cover photo to link directly to your website for a better click through rate!


You can now focus on your profile picture and cover image. Choose your brand’s logo or a relevant image for a professional brand, or a logo or portrait of yourself for a personal brand. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s unique, welcoming, and eye-catching!


Your cover photo should not only serve as an aesthetically pleasing element to your page, but an informative one. You can include your social media handle, the logos to the platforms your brand is present on, and announcements regarding services or free products that your brand offers. If your online shop has a 20% off holiday sale, now is the time to make it known!


Creating High Quality Facebook Content


How to create viral Facebook content


Even with your profile set up, things might be looking a little empty on your Facebook page. Before you invest in authentic Facebook followers it’s important to create a foundation of high-quality content for new followers to engage with.


This will ensure that organic audiences visiting your page for the first time will have no doubts about the quality of your content and the value that you can bring in exchange for their time - not to mention their follows, likes, and comments!


Aim to have at least three strong posts before you begin investing in SMM tools. Try to ensure that not all of these posts are brand advertisements. Use your platform to engage, entertain, and inform as well as advertise your goods and services. This will ensure that your audience is committing to keeping up with the latest brand news, rather than dreading yet another marketing pitch about the course you’re offering. 


Be sure to engage back with your audience! If you’re receiving comments, it’s important to respond. Whether it’s feedback, criticisms, or just encouragement from your audience, showing your followers that you’re a real person behind the scenes is key to maintaining long-term loyalty and commitment. 


Time To Get Started!


With an amazing Facebook page set up, and a foundation of high quality content, it’s time to get started investing in authentic Facebook followers.


No matter what type of service you choose, be sure to keep things natural and start slowly in relation to the amount of posts you have and the post engagement you’re receiving. With that in mind, you’re on your way!


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