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How Vlogs Can Take Your YouTube Channel To The Next Level
August 15th, 2022 by Terri Pinyerd

For every YouTube content niche out there, there’s a way to make a vlog for it! Whether you’re an ASMRtist, comedy sketch creator, recipe videographer, or a YouTube gamer, your channel can reap the benefits of vlogs.

Take your viewers behind the scenes to meet the authentic you, and see how the content they love gets created.

Not convinced? Read on to learn how vlogs can take your YouTube channel to the next level, regardless of your content niche.

how vlogs can take your youtube channel to the next level


Building Viewer Loyalty

youtube audience reach growth

Creating content can be a lonely process - you film your videos in advance, edit them and choose what to show your audience, and upload them on your terms. Creating a traditional YouTube video can sometimes put up a barrier between you and your viewers. When you create vlog style content, however, you’re showing your audience a less filtered, unedited version of you and your life. 


Taking your audience along with you while you live your life and experience adventures can be a great way to help them see the real you. When you create vlogs there’s no script, less editing, and a closer look at the behind the scenes of your videos.


When audiences feel like they know you better as a person - and not just as a face on a screen - they’re more likely to stick around and share your content with others.

Reaching a Wider Audience

Vlog style content on YouTube surpasses niches. When you create a vlog you’re expanding your audience to those who love vlog style content, regardless of your channel’s niche. Not only that, but your content can also be more accessible to viewers with a short attention span, or viewers who are looking for a way to improve their language skills while listening to real life conversations. 


You can also reach a wider audience with your vlog by adding captions, subtitles, and translations to your videos to improve accessibility.

Networking With Other YouTubers

how to network on youtube

Networking with other YouTubers can be a breeze when you’re creating vlogs. It’s as simple as planning a meet up with your favorite YouTube friend and vlogging your time together - that way you both can create content and reach each other’s audiences in the process!


If you don’t yet have a YouTube friend, reach out to someone whose content you admire. You can also reap the benefits of this if you have a friend with a following on another platform like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitch.

Increasing Your Comfort Zone

Vlogging can be daunting! You’re sharing a part of your life that’s unedited and unscripted, and it can take a lot of confidence to do that - but that’s just one of the benefits of creating vlogs! The more you create, the more you expand your comfort zone and confidence, not to mention your connection with others. 


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to reach your social media goals and take your YouTube channel to the next level with vlogs!

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