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Getting Started With Facebook Likes

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Whether you’re a social media marketing veteran, or you’re just starting out, building a Facebook page and creating quality content with high engagement can be a challenge.


Between tricky layout changes, discouraging comments, and pesky algorithms, navigating the SMM work is full of obstacles - but it doesn’t have to be that way!


Going viral can be as simple as getting started with Facebook likes, to boost your content’s engagement levels and help you gain visibility on the newsfeed. All without breaking a sweat. 


Getting Started with Facebook likes


Why Choose Facebook Likes?


The more Facebook likes you have, the greater your chances of going viral!


If you’re not already convinced that SMM tools are the right fit for you, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, Facebook - like all other social media platforms - values advertising revenue and user experience above all else.


This means that Facebook’s algorithm is dedicated to curating content that users want to see, and that they will definitely gain value from. How does Facebook measure value? Through metrics like comments, shares, and likes! 


In other words, the more likes you have, the greater your chances are of appearing on someone’s newsfeed - even if they already follow your page. Furthermore, Facebook earns money from high performing content creators that invest in ads or increase the click through rate for sponsored posts. In short, to gain popularity and higher engagement on Facebook - and most social media platforms - you have to already be a popular creator with high engagement.


It sounds counterintuitive because it is! It’s a paradox that many up and coming content creators often struggle to break through. It’s almost impossible to do this organically unless you’re lucky enough to have content go viral and bring in organic followers en masse.


However, with Facebook likes, and other Facebook metrics, you can beat the pesky algorithms at their own game. Once your post is viewed as high value due to a high level of engagement, your content will start appearing in its rightful place at the top the Facebook newsfeed, allowing you to reach the global audience of your dreams and gain tons of organic engagement.


Do This Before Investing In SMM Tools


Investing in SMM tools to boost your Facebook content


Before you even consider investing in SMM tools, it’s important to have a clear idea of your brand’s values, goals, and target audience. Without this information, you’ll be throwing money at a vague idea of what you want without any clear action steps to back it up.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you begin:


  • What message do I want to share with my audience?
  • What value can I bring my audience? What value can they bring me?
  • What is my short-term engagement goal? (weekly, monthly, etc)
  • What is my long-term engagement goal? (yearly, etc)
  • Who do I want engaging with my content?
  • What brands/influencers are my competition?
  • What kinds of people follow them?


With your answers in hand, it’s time to build a foundation of high quality content before you begin investing in Facebook SMM tools. 


Creating High-Quality Facebook Content


Create a foundation of content to go viral with Facebook SMM tools


In order to maintain a natural appearance of engagement, you have to have content for your audience to engage with! Creating a foundation of high quality content before you begin investing in SMM tools is key to encouraging organic audiences to follow along. It doesn’t have to be complicated!


Facebook content is focused on three elements: the media, the caption, and the hashtags. Choose the media that works best for you. An eye catching photo or video is always a great choice, opt for something that sparks a conversation!


Be sure to add a caption that expresses your unique brand voice. Your aim should be to either entertain, inform, or educate your audience - or all three! Feel free to include links to your website, other social media platforms, or articles that you feel your audience could benefit from. Adding a few relevant emojis can’t hurt either!


Unlike Instagram, there’s no need to include 30 hashtags related to your content. Instead, aim for 3-4 targeted hashtags that are relevant to both your page and your post. 


The key here is to start a conversation with your audience! Once you’ve received comments, be sure to respond to them in a positive and thoughtful way to encourage further engagement and make it clear that you’re always willing to be part of the conversation. 


Getting Started With Facebook Likes


Now that you’re a master of content creation and Facebook engagement, it’s time to get started with Facebook likes. Start building your engagement foundation slowly, keeping in mind the current amount of followers you have as well as your current organic engagement rates. As your organic engagement and audience grows, increase your use of SMM tools to encourage even further growth. 


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