Boost YouTube views bot with these five video ideas!

Boost YouTube Viewers With These 5 Video Ideas

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Are you ready to take on the world of YouTube content but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re a YouTube veteran looking to take your channel to the next level and boost engagement.


Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, creating content on YouTube takes more than just creativity. Algorithms prioritize content that is proven to succeed, viewers are drawn to more of what they already know and love.


This is good news for anyone looking to boost their YouTube viewers - all you have to do is sprinkle in a few of these tried and true YouTube video ideas and you’ll be on the way to reaching your social media goals. And if you’re still struggling, be sure to learn more about buying YouTube subscribers and views cheap at the end of this article!


Boost YouTube viewers with these 5 video ideas


Start A Vlog


Vlog your way to going viral on YouTube


Struggling to come up with scripted content and pressed for time? Take your work on the go and start a vlog! Vlogging is a great way to create low-production content for a high payoff. Viewers love getting a sneak peek of the lives of their favorite creators, and that means you! 


Create a quick sit-down intro to your vlog if you’re feeling fancy, or start right off with the action. However you choose to format your vlog, be sure to include some great mood music, informative captions, links on what you’re wearing or the great restaurant you visited, and any other relevant information related to your vlog content. 


(Re) Introduce Yourself


Introductory YouTube video viral


If you’re a newbie, the first video you should create is an introduction video. Showing YouTube who you are and what value you’re bringing them is a great way to start building a sincere relationship with your future following, and enhancing loyalty within your community.


If you’re a private person, don’t worry - you don’t even need to show your face for an introduction video! Animations or just vlog-style footage with a voice over can get the job done just as easily.


Be sure to maintain your internet safety - never share personal information that can be used to trace you, especially if you’re a minor. Sharing fun facts about yourself like your favorite hobbies, your goals, struggles, creative inspiration, favorite media, and more is a great way to build rapport with your audience - just make sure you keep your identity secure!


Bust Some Myths


YouTube viral content mythbusters


Know a ton about a trending topic and tired of seeing false information being spread around? Or maybe you’re up to the challenge of busting a testable myth a la Myth Busters. No matter what myth you’re about to bust, make it worth your while by creating a video series dedicated to it!


Bonus points if you choose to collaborate with another artist or YouTuber on the project. You can even gain double the value from this by sharing behind the scenes footage of your process in future videos!


What’s On Your Phone?


YouTube what's on my phone video


If social media has taught us anything it’s that people love people. In fact, people love people so much they’re willing to watch tons of videos on what’s in their homes, purses, and devices. Videos like this are a great way to be exposed to new products, ideas, and efficient ways of living. Your favorite app, digital organization style, and even your phone case could change the way someone lives their day to day life. So why not share it with the world?


You can use the screen recording feature on your device to capture your swipes and scrolls while you voice over the details, making it a no-brainer video for anyone short on content inspiration.


Top X LisT


Favorite things YouTube video viral


Sharing is caring, and there’s nothing YouTube viewers - and internet goers - love more than a good list. Create a list of your favorite things, no matter what they are, and share them with your audience! Go in-depth on the pros and cons of each item, tell fun stories about why these things are important to you, and ask your audience to share their top list for even more content inspiration.


Some list ideas:

  • Top X Favorite Films
  • Top X Favorite Songs
  • Top X Favorite Music Artists
  • Top X Favorite Makeup Brands
  • Top X Favorite Vacation Spots
  • Top X Life Lessons
  • Top X Productivity Hacks


The list goes on! Don’t be afraid to branch out from your content niche with these lists - you never know what might resonate with your audience.


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Whether or not you try creating the above videos, purchase YouTube engagement to take your content to the next level! Gone are the days when you had to rely on YouTube’s algorithm allowing your content to shine in the spotlight. With YouTube views services, YouTube watch time, and other YouTube SMM services, you can boost your content the smart way and keep creating the content you love without breaking a sweat. 



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